The Alsco Tea Towel is iconic in Australia, its bold green stripes a symbol of superior service.

The Importance of the Tea Towel

The tea towel is an 18th century European relic, originally meant to dry the expensive glassware and tableware of British gentry. Anyone who has watched Downton Abbey or Upstairs, Downstairs (also British exports) has seen tea towels used by staff in the kitchens of grand manors or draped over the arm of a butler or other service personnel.

Though tea towels might have been used in the service of their name once upon a time, the rectangular towels, sometimes called dish towels, are omnipresent in restaurant and hotel kitchens and bars, office kitchens and anywhere an absorbent, multi-purpose towel can be of service. They are a jack-of-all-trades, close at hand for myriad tasks, from polishing glassware and mopping up spills to wrapping bread and drying salad greens.

About the Alsco Tea Towel

You may already know our tea towels. Our most popular tea towel, the traditional Alsco tea towel, is 100% cotton jacquard, white with a series of thick and thin green stripes and “Alsco” boldly placed three times at the center of the 50 x 76 cm towel (for ease of visual identity, you see).  Plenty of other colors and cotton/poly blends are available, too – we are partial to the bold contrast of navy and white and, of course, green and gold.

Depending on how your business intends to put tea towels to use, fabric choice may be a consideration. Cotton is more absorbent while polycotton is more durable. And nothing polishes glass like 100% flat-napped cotton. Even better, with our managed tea towel service, we take care of the cleaning and restocking, working with you to optimise clean tea towel delivery and pickup for peak demand periods, no matter which tea towel you prefer.

Which Tea Towel is Right for Your Business?

Honestly, is there anything an Alsco tea towel cannot do? They are a utility that no restaurant, bar, hotel or office should be without. Reach out if we can answer any questions about Alsco tea towels, our managed tea towel service or anything else that is on your mind.