Whether it’s tradies work pants or high-visibility day and night work shirts, our workwear is designed to keep everyone safe. Who needs flame-resistant clothing?

Who Needs Flame-Resistant Clothing?

Flame-resistant clothing, or garments designed to protect the wearer from flames and thermal injury, are not for every business. But, according to Power magazine, a trade publication that provides news about operations and maintenance information for the power generation industry, “FR clothing resists ignition and self-extinguishes once the source of the ignition is removed.” Preventing burns and other problems from exposure to flames and residual heat transfer is what Alsco’s flame-resistant clothing is for. 

Flame-resistant clothing is used in occupations that involve inherent risks of fire, explosion, or exposure to energised electrical equipment. Industries and occupations that use FR clothing as a final method of control when confronted with these hazards include:

  • Electricians
  • Electric utility repair and maintenance
  • Mining
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical work
  • Paper and pulp manufacturing

Flame-resistant material is, by definition, self-extinguishing material. Unlike conventional fabrics, it will not fuel a fire. Rather, it will starve a fire by preventing the entrance of oxygen through the fabric.

How to Choose Flame-Resistant Clothing

In general, the denser the material, the less likely it is to ignite. Some synthetic fibres, like nylon and other polyesters, are difficult to ignite. Natural fibres, like wool and silk, are also difficult to ignite and also do not melt. Since their flame-resistant properties are incorporated at the molecular level, they offer fire protection that doesn’t wash out or wear out. The clothing remains flame-resistant regardless of its length of use.  Some fabrics are treated with chemicals as a final production step to boost their protective qualities.

Alsco offers many types of workwear, from technically designed shirts, trousers or pants, and overalls. Our uniforms are designed to keep staff safe and comfortable throughout their shift. We take care of the laundry, too, through our managed rental service programs.  Let’s discuss what your workwear needs are.

More Sustainable Workwear

Two of the most important qualities to look for in workwear, especially flame-resistant workwear, are comfort and durability. When considering apparel, it is also important to look at the entire lifecycle of the product. Sustainable fabrics are comfortable and durable while offering additional benefits. Choose apparel made from fabrics made from natural and blended fibres, as well as post-consumer fabrics.

Alsco Sustainable Services

Alsco takes its role as a uniform supplier very seriously. Our work to provide top-quality workwear involves looking at our supply chain to reduce waste and support sustainable initiatives wherever we can. Whether it’s through our efforts to reduce water usage in our laundry services, or sending our end-of-life uniforms to BlockTexx for resource reuse, you can count on us to deliver functional, hygienically clean, quality tradies work pants and shirts every time.