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The most important element of a uniform in the food processing industry, is hygiene. Alsco Uniforms offers this, whilst portraying the right image for your business with smart, professional looking attire. We provide a range of uniforms that offer safety features to protect your staff and ensure they meet food processing standards. Trust Alsco Uniforms to deliver your company a clean, professional and hygienic image.

Clean Room Garments (CRG)

Clean room garments are your go-to for contamination and infection control solutions. They specialise in garments, including coveralls, gloves, hair nets, and more, meet stringent standards to ensure a clean and safe food processing environment.


Food processing areas must be kept super clean and hygienic from floor to ceiling. So consider Alsco Uniforms hi-tech mat service, it helps keep your floors clean by trapping dirt and moisture, to significantly reduce the amount which is tracked in and around your processing site. Slippery surfaces can also be a problem in the food processing business, so keep your staff safe from slips and ask about our wet area mats, they also provide the added benefit of being comfortable underfoot and reduce staff fatigue.

Tea Towels & Food Wipes

Our absorbent Tea Towels and Wipes will provide the high standard of hygiene you must adhere to in your food processing and serving areas. All of our food wipes are laundered to stringent HACCP regulation standards and with our economical Managed Rental Service, you will always fresh Tea Towels and Wipes, regularly delivered to your business.

Choose from a range of sizes, colours and sizes today.

First Aid

Anyone who works in manufacturing would know it’s an industry where the risk of accidents is high and safety is of paramount importance. Which is why you should think about being totally prepared for any situation with an up to date, specialised First Aid Kit from Alsco. We can provide you with a range of safety products such as an Eye Wash Station and an Automated External Defibrillator for emergency situations. Importantly our Managed Training Services ensure that your business remains WH&S compliant at all times.


Manufacturing is like any other business, you simply can’t afford poor hygiene where bacteria causes illness to staff. On the other hand a clean, well stocked bathroom can leave a positive impression with both staff and visitors. At Alsco Uniforms, we offer Fresh & Clean Managed Hygiene and Washroom Rental Programs, tailored to your needs, with a wide range of functional, hygienic and stylish products and services including feminine hygiene, odour control, soap dispensers, hand-drying systems and cleaning.

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