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Luxurious Day Spa linen from as low as $2 per customer*

Think you can’t afford fluffy new towels, face washers and bath robes for your Day Spa clientele? Think again. Alsco invented textile rental 150 years ago; we know fluffy linen and have the price and service to match.

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Luxury for Customers and convenience for you

Bright, White & Fluffy

Hotel-quality, 5 star, plush cotton towels, mats, washcloths, sheets and robes. Luxury ata rental price.

AS4146 Compliant

Alsco is the largest laundry service worldwide and invented textile rent a 150 years ago. Trust the experts for a hygienic clean.
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Always Fresh Linen

Constant inventory replenishment ensures Alsco sends you as-new, white Day Spa linen every week. No need to buy your own linen.

Laundered and Delivered

Regular, agreed delivery schedules will have you spending time on your business, not your laundry.
All trials are no-obligatiion and no-risk
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Wash away your daily troubles


Over 45,000 Australian workplaces rely on Alsco every day for fresh, clean linen - towels, uniforms, mats, robes, tea towels and more.

Imagine for a moment! No need to buy laundry detergent. No towels to purchase. No torn frayed edges. No washing machines. No steaming hot dryers. No washing during your lunch break!

From as low as $2 per client* we can conveniently deliver fresh Day Spa linen to your schedule.

Risk-Free. One Week Trial. Value to $200.

Fluffy, fluffy, fluffy towels and linen


Day Spa linen rental includes bath towels and sheets, bed linen, face cloths, bath mats, robes, tea towels, day spa uniforms and more.

Every item is laundered at 70° to the Australian Textile Laundering Code AS 4146, dried and ironed flat, hygienically sealed in custom packaging and then delivered to your door.

With our high volume turnover Alsco ensures you receive as-new,     high quality linens every order.

Limited Offer. 1 Week trial. No risk.
Fluffy Towels and Linens

Why buy when you can rent?

Alsco is an industry leader in rentaL Supplies

Whenever a business makes a large purchase, it can have a noticeable impact on its cash resources. When you rent, however, the cash flow impact is avoided. Therefore a convenient, economical rental program will provide the benefits of clean, quality linen with no capital investment for your business. Our price includes supply, as well as regular cleaning, repairs, pick-up and delivery.

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No Capital Outlay Required

Maintain a steady cash flow and benefit even further as Alsco’s rental programs are tax-deductable.

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Regular, Agreed Deliveries

All rental programs make use of Alsco’s inventory management system ensuring seamless collection and deliveries.

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Cleaned, Sanitised and Repaired

Allow your staff to focus on what they do best—their work—and avoid the hassles of cleaning and repairing dirty, worn uniforms.

All trials are no-obligation and no-risk

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