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Alsco Uniforms Australia is proud to continue it’s long standing partnership with Restaurant and Catering Australia. Our managed rental service provides everything you need to keep your restaurant, café, or catering business running. All our uniforms and linens are processed to the highest food  hygiene standards, and all our branches are HACCP certified, so you know the uniforms and linens from Alsco Uniforms will help maintain the highest levels of food hygiene safety, as well as saving precious hours in your day. 


Alsco Uniforms offers a diverse collection of Chef Jackets designed for optimal function, safety, and comfort. The range includes classic styles with traditional push-through buttons, as well as contemporary options featuring short sleeves, press studs, and a sleek black colourway. Our range also includes chef pants in both the timeless black and white check pattern and a modern all-black colourway. Or elevate the overall appearance of the chef team with flat front trousers, available in a stylish black variant. The practicality of Alsco Uniforms extends to the chef hat, which efficiently absorbs sweat and ensures that hair stays clear of the food, enhancing both hygiene and the chef’s visibility.


Aprons provide an additional layer that helps to keep uniforms clean and free from stains for the duration of the service. They also act as a protective barrier against splashes of hot oils, food residue and cleaning chemicals, which may reduce the risk of burns, spills, and injuries during food preparation.
The use of aprons also helps to maintain hygiene standards by preventing the spread of food particles and spills onto clothing and then on to other food or beverage preparation areas.

Additionally, aprons contribute to a professional appearance and can be part of a uniform that distinguishes the staff from customers.


There’s no look in a restaurant more reassuring to your clients than the appearance of clean, fresh table linen. At Alsco Uniforms, we offer an easy and economic way to achieve this look, with a range of table linen and napkins to suit your unique space. Remove the hassle of washing and laundering your linen supplies and have peace of mind that you’ll always have fresh supplies on hand.


Slips and trips can be a thing of the past with an Alsco Uniforms floor mat solution. Wet area mats are great in the kitchen and in bars where liquid and food spills are common. Reduce slips and trips and help keep your staff safe while working. Alsco Uniforms’ duststop mats can protect your floors from wear and tear and keep your floors cleaner, by capturing dirt before it’s tracked in. Available on the Alsco Uniforms Managed Rental Service, with fresh mats every week. It’s easy to set up, economical and makes good business sense.

First Aid

Anyone who works in the restaurant and catering industry would know it’s an environment where accidents can easily happen, particularly in the kitchen area. So it really does pay for you to be prepared with an up to date, specialised First Aid Kit from Alsco Uniforms. In addition to our first aid kits, we can provide safety products such as an Eye Wash Station, ideal for hot liquid splashes, and an Automated External Defibrillator for staff or customer emergencies. Importantly our Managed Training Services ensure that your restaurant remains WH&S compliant at all times.


If you’re running a restaurant or any other hospitality business, you simply can’t afford poor hygiene with bacteria causing illness to staff or worse, to customers. On the other hand a clean, well stocked bathroom can leave a positive impression with your customers. At Alsco Uniforms, we offer our Fresh & Clean Managed Hygiene and Washroom Rental Programs, tailored to your needs, with a wide range of functional, hygienic and stylish products and services including feminine hygiene, odour control, soap dispensers, hand-drying systems and cleaning.

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