EcoSafe Washer


The safer and effective way to wash your greasy parts and tools.


Alsco EcoSafe Washer is the safest and most effective parts and tools cleaner available for automotive and mechanical repair workplaces.

The EcoSafe washer delivers exceptional cleaning without any of the health risks associated with solvent and aqueous-based washers. It’s safer for you and the environment.


Bioremediating Microbes

100% natural process, which breaks down the grease and oils

For You

Safer for you

No contact with harmful solvents

Safer for
the Environment

Safer for the environemnt

No hazardous waste

How it works


Heated fluid flows through the nozzle into the tub.


Grease and oil are washed from the parts and flow through a filter.


Microorganism feed on the grease and oil that separates from the fluid, converting it to water and minimal carbon dioxide.


The end result is clean parts and minimal waste.

The safe & sustainable solution for your parts and tools

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