Eyewash Station

Alsco Eyewash Station ApplicationAlsco’s portable eyewash stations are the ideal solution for workshops, labs, schools or kitchens where hazardous objects or materials could potentially cause permanent eye damage. Even with perfect safety procedures, safety goggles and personal protective equipment, you can’t guarantee that everyone will always be protected from accidents.

Alsco’s eyewash stations are the ultimate convenient answer to eye injuries. Light, small and portable, the Alsco Eyewash Station can be easily installed anywhere in your workplace – guaranteeing your staff have the right care at the right time.

Why Choose Alsco’s Eyewash Stations?

Alsco’s Eyewash Stations are low-cost and easy-to-install for your business. Stored in a durable, wall-mounted cabinet, our Eyewash Stations are the ideal solution for your workplace’s eye emergency needs.

  • Easy to Use – Each eyewash station is stored in a highly visible cabinet, and includes simple, step-by-step graphic instructions and a small mirror for emergency situations.
  • Light and Portable – Stored in compact, detachable cabinets, each eyewash station is easy to move and ideal for small, cramped spaces
  • Affordable – Each eyewash station is a cost-effective alternative to expensive plumbed flushing equipment – and is regularly checked and restocked at no extra cost

Our Eyewash Stations are a practical alternative to fully-plumbed flushing equipment. Where the latter cost thousands of dollars and take up large work spaces, Alsco’s Eyewash Stations are small, convenient, and highly portable. Quickly need more to move or increase the number of eyewash kits? No problem. Alsco will take care of it all.

features of Alsco eyewash stationKey Eyewash Station Features
  • Simple, step-by-step visual instructions on how to operate the eyewash station included
  • Highly-durable, visible wall-mounted cabinets keep equipment safe and easy-to-use in times of emergency
  • Can be easily installed in small or cramped spaces in the workplace thanks to its compact design
  • An easy no-mess flush system means that liquid is neither spilled or wasted when being applied to the subject
  • Each station comes with 2 x 500ml saline flushing solutions and a small mirror for self-assessment
Alsco’s Managed Rental Services

Much More Than Just Rental…

Buying multiple eyewash stations can be costly. Rather than investing a large chunk of cash for multiple eyewash stations, simply pay a single annual fee with Alsco’s Managed Rental Service.

Our Eyewash Station Rental Service isn’t just rental. It also includes regular check-ups, maintenance, replacements and general resupplying services. With Alsco – put your worries about safety, WH&S legal compliance, and maintenance aside. Our comprehensive rental service will take care of it all.

Our Managed Rental Services aren’t just limited to eyewash stations. Alsco offer a wide range of managed rental and training services, including:

Single Annual Fee – Limitless* Maintenance & Restocking

Ready to pay one single fee – and let Alsco take care of all of your business’s eyewash station needs?

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Alsco’s Managed Rental Service is the cost-effective alternative to buying. We eliminate the need for large cash purchases and keep your equipment maintained and up-to-date. All starting from just $1 a day.

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