Eyewash Station

Why you need an Eyewash Station.

Eyewash stations are essential for preventing and reducing eye injuries in workplaces with exposure risks. They are a vital component of safety regulations, ensuring the well-being of workers in diverse industries.

Why choose the Alsco Uniforms Eyewash Station?


Alsco Uniforms Eyewash Stations offer a cost-effective and hassle-free solution for your business. Designed to be easily installed and stored in durable wall-mounted cabinets, these stations are your workplace’s go-to for eye emergency needs.

  • User-Friendly Design – Each eyewash station comes in a highly visible cabinet, complete with simple, step-by-step graphic instructions and a handy mirror for emergency situations.
  • Convenient Portability – With compact, detachable cabinets, our eyewash stations are lightweight and portable, perfect for tight spaces or on-the-go emergencies.
  • No Capital Outlay – Our eyewash stations provide a cost-effective alternative to pricey plumbed flushing equipment. Plus, they’re regularly checked and restocked at no additional cost.

Say goodbye to bulky, expensive flushing equipment. Our Eyewash Stations offer practicality and convenience without breaking the bank. Need to scale up or relocate? Alsco Uniforms has you covered every step of the way.

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