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With Alsco – It’s more than just training.

Alsco’s Managed Training Service is a complete package designed to organise your company’s emergency response training, enabling you to create a safer, more secure workplace.

Our first aid and emergency response training courses are carefully tailored to fit your company’s size, industry and culture. No matter your unique training needs, our RTO-certified training courses will help keep your company safe, organised and WHS-compliant. And with 140,000 workplace injuries per year (that’s 1 every 9 hours) it offers the peace of mind every business needs.

But with Alsco, training isn’t just training. With us, training is convenience. A secure online system tracks, records, and reports to you exactly when your staff need training, with a unique fee structure that covers you for limitless training, support, and management. We take care of the details, leaving you to focus on what your business does best.


Why choose us?


One fixed rate: Limitless training opportunities.
This fee covers all of your training needs – regardless of staff turnover


Stay up to date with WHS regulations to give you the ultimate peace-of-mind


Tailored solutions:
Flexible to your size, culture, industry and location


Efficient administration:
A secure centralised online system that tracks and reports staff qualifications

Are your employees prepared for any emergency?

With Alsco’s complete Managed Training Service, we’ve got your emergency response training needs covered. We offer a range of first aid and emergency response and evacuation training courses that are carefully tailored to your company’s size, industry, and location. And you can rest easy in the knowledge that no matter your training needs, our RTO-certified training courses will keep your company safe, organised and WHS compliant.

Alsco MTS - Evacuation Training

Emergency Response & Evacuation Training

Fire wardens aren’t only there to deal with fires. They’re there to ensure the safety of their co-workers. Most importantly, they’re the people your staff, look to for guidance in an emergency.

Alsco’s Emergency Response and Evacuation training will ensure your fire wardens will be able to cope with almost any emergency fire and evacuation situation, keeping your employees safe, secure, and WHS compliant and giving you peace of mind as your business gets up and running again.

Our training courses include:

  • Identification & prevention of fire risks
  • Confining workplace fires
  • Handling emergency victims
  • Organising evacuations

…and more.

First Aid Training

If you or your staff experience a workplace accident, it’s reassuring to know there’s someone nearby who is expertly trained to administer basic first aid.

Alsco is an industry leader in first aid training. Our carefully tailored courses will ensure your staff are equipped to deal with workplace injuries or accidents, giving you peace of mind that your employees are safe, and your organisation is WHS compliant.

Using an easy-to-follow format, our training is brought to you by professional paramedics and nurses and includes practical examples which will ensure students are engaged and properly trained to deal with a workplace emergency.

On successful completion of training your First Aider will receive a nationally accredited training certificate and access to a first aid web application. And with our managed service we’ll keep track of who in your organisation needs to be trained or retrained to ensure your workplace stays safe, secure and WHS compliant.

Alsco MTS - First Aid Training

Training and safety shouldn’t be complicated. In fact, they should be effortless, and specifically adapted to fit your business. At Alsco, we’ve developed a 7-step process that achieves just that:

  1. Survey – Our experts will survey your business’s unique training needs – considering size, location, and industry.
  2. Plan – We create an efficient plan that’ll train key members of staff.
  3. Train – An intensive training course will begin (either on or off-site).
  4. Record – We take a detailed record of all course participants, including courses and certificate start/expiry dates.
  5. Track – Our Managed Training Solution will keep track of who needs retraining and when…
  6. Alert – An intuitive online system will alert you when you need to train or retrain staff – before their certificates expire.
  7. Report – We’ll send you a comprehensive report of your staff’s training to ensure your workplace stays safe, secure and WHS-compliant.

Training Guarantee

Alsco offers an innovative “seat structure”, instead of paying per course, secure a seat on Alsco’s Managed System at a fixed competitive rate for an agreed period. This seat entitles the seat holder to numerous courses related to that seat. If this seat holder resigns they can be replaced and training commences again at no change to the cost. This allows fixed training budgets irrespective of your staff turnover; Alsco’s Training Guarantee

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“Thank you for the amazing training that ALSCO provides for First Aid and CPR, I have learnt a lot and I am confident to act in an emergency. I always enjoyed the informative & practical training sessions and would recommend anyone to sign up!”

Lillian Milenkovic | Showroom Host



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