Continuous Towel

At Alsco, we understand that when it comes to drying your hands, nothing surpasses the comfort and absorbency of cloth towelling. In fact, international research has shown that most people prefer to dry their hands using cloth towels in preference to paper alternatives.

Alsco Continuous Towels dry the hands quicker than alternatives which means a better clean and less chance of cross-contamination of bacteria.

Our cloth towel dispensers provide a quick and economical method for people to dry their hands. The dispensers have separate chambers for the new and used portion of the towel, which ensures no contact and an unparalleled level of hygiene.


  • Absorbent, hygienic, fresh and soft
  • Easy-to-use cabinet system
  • Avoid overflowing bins and the inconvenience of empty dispensers
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Average of 200 uses per towel

Cloth towels also offer significant environmental benefits, with less than half the environmental impact of paper towels

using up to 63% less energy, and creating 48% less greenhouse gases and up to 79% less waste.

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