Anti-Fatigue Mats

The spaces your employees work make a huge impact on their productivity and happiness. And yet, when considering how to improve these spaces, we rarely look under our feet.

Often your staff can be on their feet all day, which can lead to fatigue, leg and back pain, tiredness and reduced productivity. That’s why Alsco’s Anti-Fatigue mats are designed to provide your staff with a soft and comfortable barrier to reduce the symptoms of fatigue and help create a happier more productive work place.

Our Anti-Fatigue Mats…

  • Are Designed to be comfortable and minimise injury
  • Have an anti-microbial treatment that stays with the mat it’s whole life
  • Are textured for grip and safety
  • Have bevelled edges for safe step up
Kex Anti Fatigue

Kex Anti Fatigue Mat

Alsco Kex Anti-Fatigue Mat has a unique bubble wrap patterned top that provides underfoot cushioning to reduce fatigue, back and leg pain. It’s bevelled edges provide easy step up and  it’s heavy rubber construction and cleated backing keeps the mat in place. The KEX Anti-Fatigue Mat is available in three adaptable sizes: 3 x 5ft (85 x 150cm), 6 x 4ft (120 x 180cm)and 10 x 3ft (85 x 300cm

Evolution Anti-Fatigue Mat

Alsco’s super Evolution Anti-Fatigue Mat is ideal for those standing in one spot for most of the day. It’s nitrile foam construction is light and soft providing a comfortable barrier for staff. It’s perfect for people at work stations or barista’s and is available in one convenient size 2 x 3ft (57 x 85cm).

Evolution Mat-1
Wet area antifatigue-2

Wet Area Mat

The perfect Anti-Fatigue Mat for areas where there is moisture and liquids around. The super soft rubber compound provides fantastic anti-fatigue properties, keeping staff who are on their feet all day comfortable and happy.

Available in one size 5 x 3ft (79 x 158cm)

Comfort Flow Mat

A firmer feel and a tougher construction for high use industrial areas as well as kitchens and bars, the Comfort Flow Mat is perfect for areas where there oil, grease or liquid spills, draining them away from the feet and simultaneously providing that soft under foot barrier needed by staff who spend hours on their feet.

Available in four adaptable sizes:

  • 2 x 3ft (57cm  x 85cm)
  • 5 x 3ft (85cm x 140cm)
  • 6 x 4ft (113cm x 168cm)
  • 10 x 3ft (85cm x 290cm).
Comfort Flow Mat-1

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