Anti-Fatigue Mats

New Alsco promotion logo for matsThe spaces your employees work make a huge impact on their productivity and happiness. And yet, when considering how to improve these spaces, we rarely look under our feet. The surfaces we work on can have a huge impact on employees. That’s why Alsco’s Anti-Fatigue mats are designed to offer your people the utmost in comfort and safety.

Our Anti-Fatigue Mats…

  • Are Designed to be comfortable and minimise injury
  • Minimise the risks of microbes with anti-bacterial material
  • Come textured for grip and safety
  • Have bevelled edges for convenience

Anti-Fatigue Mat Detailed Front

Anti-Fatigue Mat Detailed Back

Anti-Fatigue Mat Folded Corner

Anti-Fatigue Mat Full Front

Anti-Fatigue Mat Full Back

Keep your people safer

Your people stand on their feet for hours and hours – day in, day out. It’s only a matter of time that such strains catch up on people. Alsco’s Anti-Fatigue mats make sure the chances of that happening are minimal. Firm yet springy, these mats provide both comfort and a safe surface for employees to work on – no matter where.

Lasts for longer

Our Anti-Fatigue mats are built to last. Made from specialised, waterproof rubber, they’ll keep your workplace safe and your staff comfortable for longer. They’re even created with anti-bacterial material, resisting potentially dangerous microbes. Not only that, with Alsco’s managed rental service, we’ll clean, repair and restock these on a regular basis – for no added cost.

Convenient for any space

Fatigue plagues almost every workspace. That’s why these mats are suitable for even the most rugged of workplaces – including workshops, factories and restaurants. Made from a lighter material and bevelled edges, always have comfortable, regularly-cleaned mats to protect your spaces and your people.


Try our 2-week FREE* trial offer and see what a difference our managed mat rental service can make as opposed to purchased mats.

To claim your free trial, or to simply find out more, you can contact us through the enquiry form on this page – we’ll be happy to walk you through how Alsco can make your workplace cleaner, safer and more professional.


Alsco Managed Rental Service

Buying isn’t always the best idea for your business.

Buying means a large cash investment and continually having to keep your equipment maintained and up-to-date. Sound like a hassle? It is. That’s exactly why we created our Managed Rental Service.

Renting with Alsco is more than just renting. We handle everything. Alsco is determined to make your rental experience smooth, seamless, and stress-free.

Your business is unique. But your cashflow concerns aren’t. Starting from just $1 a day, you’ll benefit from clockwork delivery, free replacements, and emergency, on-demand servicing.

One fee – limitless help and support. Because that’s how it should be.

  • TAILORED TO YOUR BUSINESS Have unique requirements? One-off emergency requests? Need to quickly adjust your service? You say jump…we’ll say ‘how high?’.
  • REGULAR PROFESSIONAL SERVICING Serviced and delivered on time – every time. Our teams will help keep your business clean, organised and professional.
  • CASHFLOW FRIENDLY Avoid large, crippling purchase fees, and pay a fixed regular fee. Take advantage of our all-inclusive service…from a mere $1 a day.
  • DECADES OF EXPERIENCE Founded in 1889, Alsco’s rental service has been carefully honed and perfected to your industry over 125 years.