Personalised Mats

Create a great first impression with Alsco Personalised Mat.

Experience the brilliance of high-definition colours and witness your logo come to life with impeccable precision. Welcome your guests into your business with our Alsco Personalised Mats, tailored to your preferences. You can make a resounding statement by adorning your front entrance with a premium Personalised Mat. Not only will it exude an impressive appearance, but it will also serve as an exceptional barrier against water and dirt, safeguarding your floors from wear and tear while reducing the risk of slips and trips on slippery or wet surfaces.

Alsco offers a choice of backing patterns suitable for both hard and carpeted floors, ensuring that your mat remains securely in place. Additionally, custom sizes pose no issue; we can create mats that perfectly fit your specific dimensions.

Every week, our team will collect your Personalised Mat and replace it with a freshly laundered one, leaving you with a fresh and clean mat ready to serve you for another week.


    • Our Personalised Mats are crafted with precision using Special Chromojet printing, allowing for a vast selection of captivating colours and designed to your preference.
    • Elevate your business’s image and brand right from the entrance, leaving a lasting professional impression on your valued customers.
    • Thanks to our revolutionary gripper pattern, experience unparalleled mat stability on both hard and carpeted surfaces.
    • Say goodbye to slips and trips with our reliable mats, providing a secure footing for everyone who enters your establishment.
    • Shield your floors from everyday use’s inevitable wear and tear, ensuring their long-lasting durability and appearance.
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