Wet Area Mats

A common problem many businesses face is how to make floors safe when there’s water, oil and food spills around. Alsco has the perfect solution, our wet area mats provide a safe barrier to help prevent slips and trips that can happen in your workplace. Our clever design means any liquid spills flow through the holes in the mat and away from the surface your staff and patrons a stand on, providing everyone with a much safer work place.

Made from durable, quick-drying, anti-microbial rubber, these mats are designed to provide the greatest protection against slippery and dangerous wet surfaces. Not only do Alsco Wet Area Mats make your workplace safer they also provide anti-fatigue properties, a great comfort for those who may be standing on their feet all day.

Comfort Flow Mat

Durable textured rubber design with flow through holes for liquid, food or other spills to escape.

They’re available in 4 adaptable sizes, use them in combination to fit any space:

  • 2x3ft (57x85cm)
  • 5x3ft (85x140cm
  • 6x4ft (113x168cm
  • 10x3ft (85x290cm)

Wet Area Mat

This is the perfect Anti-Fatigue Mat for areas where water, oil and food spills are common. The super, soft rubber barrier allows spills to flow from the surface, providing a safe, comfortable workspace.

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