Creating a safe work environment is a great way to boost employee morale, increase productivity and reduce employee turnover rates. A safe workplace is critical for a successful business.

The Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) laws clearly state that health and safety in the workplace are the responsibility of the business owner. Alsco can help you to determine if you are in compliance with WHS requirements and what you need to do about it.

This first aid checklist is a useful tool to help you understand where your workplace stands currently in regards to first aid compliance. Start by answering the following questions:


  1. Are you aware that it is the responsibility of the person conducting the business to provide adequate first aid facilities?
  2. Are you aware that the Australian Work Health & Safety Act lays down requirements for businesses to comply with?
  3. Are you aware of the requirements under the WHS Act?
  4. Do you know whether you are in compliance with the requirements of the WHS Act?
  5. Do you know Alsco does a free audit of your workplace to help you to comply?

Risk Assessment

  1. Are you aware that you have to do your own first aid risk assessment?
  2. Have you done your risk assessment?
  3. Are you a high risk or a low risk workplace?
  4. Has the risk assessment survey been done is consultation with employees?

First Aid Requirements

  1. Have you identified all hazards that could result in injuries or illness?
  2. Has the frequency and severity of the resulting injury or illness been identified?
  3. Have you identified all possible locations where workers might be present, understood the ease of access of these locations?
  4. Is the maximum number of people who might be present at any given time known?

First Aid Kits

  1. Does the first aid kit contain appropriate modules based on the hazards identified?
  2. Does the first aid kit contain enough modules based on the number of people and the frequency of injuries?
  3. Does the kit contain an updated list of contents?
  4. Who is responsible for servicing and managing the contents of the kit?
  5. Are AEDs / defibrillators required?
  6. Are eyewash stations needed?
  7. Are portable showers required?
  8. Is there proper and adequate signage to quickly access first aid kits?

First Aid Rooms

  1. Is a first aid room required at your place of work?
  2. Does it have the proper equipment?

First Aiders

  1. Do you have adequate numbers of first aiders?
  2. Are they easily contacted by any worker, whether working in remote areas or in shifts?
  3. Are the first aiders adequately trained?
  4. Have they been trained by Accredited Training Organisation such as Alsco?
  5. Is the training updated every year?
  6. Do you have an organisation such as Alsco which gives year-round support service to your business to be compliant with the latest WHS Act?

 First Aid Procedures

  1. Have you developed proper first aid procedures for your organisation?
  2. Are there proper procedures to report illness and injuries at the workplace?
  3. Are there proper records of medical information about the workers being kept?
  4. Is there an emergency response plan?

How Can Alsco Help?

In case you have answered “No” or “Don’t Know” to some of these questions in this first aid checklist, Alsco can help. Alsco can advise you on whether your workplace complies with WHS requirements. Remember this advice is simple and it is free. So get in touch with a friendly sales representative from Alsco.

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