An exclusive, cost-effective wine marketplace for Australian restaurants

Alsco, a premier supplier of beautiful crisp linen and functional, comfortable chef coats to the Australian hospitality industry, is delighted to be associated with the Restaurant and Catering Association, the premier association representing this industry.

As a part of its efforts to work towards the interest of the industry, the Restaurant and Catering Association (RCA) recently launched Cellar Reserve, a marketplace for boutique Australian wines.

The Cellar Reserve website at is an exclusive, first-of-its-kind, online marketplace which supports both restaurants and wineries. The marketplace aims to make it simple and cost effective for restaurants across the country to purchase beautiful Australian wines. At the same time it encourages local wineries by providing them direct access to the restaurants across Australia.

Businesses, particularly those looking to buy or sell small quantities of niche wines are sure to find this a useful and handy means that is simple and reliable too. Being brought to you by RCA is a stamp on the quality of the luxurious wines on offer. With RCAs reach right around Australia, they have access to a wide range of fine wines.

Alsco is proud to be supporting the restaurant and catering industry with cost effective and hassle free solutions for them. A fixed monthly rental avoids huge capital outlays in buying linen or the equipment needed for their upkeep and maintenance. Alsco will deliver bright, clean linen laundered in its state-of-the-art units to restaurants.

Alsco realises that linen is a vital element in the creating and maintaining the image of an eatery. Maintaining the quality of the linen is essential and Alsco ensures that all worn out linen are replaced at no extra cost to and with no extra effort on the part of the owners.

“We are proud of our association with the hospitality industry and with Restaurant and Catering Association. The Cellar Reserve is a unique service from this association that is sure to benefit its members. Alsco too strives to bring brilliant products and services that have been a great asset for this industry and its members.” said Jane Lawrence, Marketing Manager at Alsco.


Photograph Courtesy: A1404