There’s a million (approximately!) apps out there to help you live greener, ranging from providing general sustainability information to shopping guides and carbon footprint trackers. Here’s 5 we like. Coming soon: green android apps!

1. Commute Greener

Powered by Volvo, Commute Greener! helps you measure and reduce your carbon footprint. Featuring lots of tweaking options, it tracks your greenhouse emissions based on journeys you take throughout the week – be it by car, foot, bicycle or public transport – and encourages you to set reduction goals. The social networking aspect – you can compare your performance with other users – adds to the appeal.
Cost: Free

2. Listia

Based on a similar concept to Freecycle, Listia allows you to give away stuff you don’t want and also connects you with free stuff you do want. It’s beautifully simple – it shows you things that are available in your local area and, best of all, it’s free. A great way to create less waste.
Cost: Free

3. Green Genie

Offering a slew of ideas for a greener lifestyle, Green Genie has the added bonus of being interactive on a social networking level. Each recommended project – from buying recycled copy paper to buying energy efficient office equipment, to ways to drive more efficiently – displays an icon to let you know how much money you’d save.
Cost: $0.99

4. Shop Ethical

Making informed decisions at the supermarket is made easy with Shop Ethical, which uses the latest data from the Ethical Consumer Guide web site. Providing instant access to information on over 3,800 products, Shop Ethical can tell you the environmental and social record of the company behind a product, allowing you to shop with a clear conscience.
Cost: $4.49!-2012/id502190240?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

5. Green Gas Saver

Utilising your GPS and the motion sensitivity of the iPhone to track the way you are driving, Green Gas Saver helps you to drive in a more efficient manner. In fact, the feedback you receive may help to make you a better driver! Providing alarms when you accelerate too quickly or take a corner too fast, it will let you know how ‘green’ any given trip was.
Cost: Free

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Image courtsey: AFS-USA Intercultural Programs