It’s common knowledge – and also common sense – that the less time wasted in a medical emergency the better. Prompt medical attention can mean the difference between a positive or negative health outcome for your workplace colleagues.

Things To Remember When Calling 000

Most of us know that calling 000 to request the attendance of an ambulance – and life-saving paramedics – is a crucial step in the process.

If you’ve never called for an ambulance before, however, you may not be aware that there is a certain amount of essential information that the 000 operator needs to gather before an ambulance can be dispatched. Receiving, and passing on, this information ensures that the ambulance arrives at the correct destination in a timely manner.

Keeping this information somewhere obvious and easily accessible is the best way to ensure that no time is wasted having that ambulance dispatched.

This downloadable poster, created by the Ambulance Service of NSW, is an ideal way to ensure that all of the information you’ll need is to hand.

It also lets you know about the other steps you’ll need to take to be sure your injured or sick colleague receives prompt medical attention:

  • Informing your First Aid Officer (write down their contact details)
  • Arranging for someone to meet the ambulance at the emergency vehicle meeting point
  • Organising easy access for the attending ambulance officers

Don’t forget to apply emergency first aid while you’re waiting, using the first aid supplies contained within your workplace specific first aid kit using the first aid training received.

Download, print and fill out the details on this poster and make sure it is easy to find in an emergency. Someone’s life may depend on it!

Download Medical Emergency Plan poster [856KB]

First Aid

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Image courtesy: Lee Cannon