The Richard R. Steiner Award is reserved for only very special circumstances and occasions, and this year it was presented to the entire Christchurch Branch of Alsco by Alsco Group Chief Executive, Bryan McEvedy.

“At Alsco we often talk about our Vision, our Mission and our Values. Our values are very important to us here at Alsco and we really do believe we care for our people and our customers,” said Bryan when presenting the award. “On 22 February last year, these values were tested to the limit in Christchurch when an earthquake devastated the city, changing it forever and leaving the staff at the Christchurch Branch with the enormous task of getting Alsco’s business up and running again in a city that was in total chaos.”

The branch staff were faced with trying to service customers that still required service, without a factory that was operational. “You were faced with assessing what had to be done to get our factory up and running as quickly as you could. Many tasks had to be handled simultaneously and decisions made in a very short space of time. It is rare that anyone is tested in this way. You and your team were sorely tested last year and passed with flying colours,” said Bryan.

“The reason we are all here today, is in a small way, to recognize and acknowledge that achievement, and for me to be able to say thank you to you and your entire team here in Christchurch. Tony, myself and the entire management at Alsco in New Zealand are truly grateful that we had you here to oversee this massive undertaking for us. Our shareholders, the Steiner family in the United States, particularly Bob and Kevin Steiner are also extremely grateful for the wonderful job that you and your managers and many of the people here today did for the company over that period of time. Thank you for taking care of our business and our customers.”

Only once before has the Richard R. Steiner Award been awarded in New Zealand.

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Image Courtesy: Davidlohr Bueso