Having a workplace washroom that is fresh, clean and very much Green, is the ideal for modern businesses. Meeting the required OH&S standards has always been a must and there is no denying the value of eco-awareness to commercial image.

The problem is ensuring that the dual expectations can be achieved in a cost-effective way. The WhiffAway waterless urinal system has managed to successfully address that issue.

Available as a dedicated managed washroom service from Fresh & Clean, the WhiffAway system has already proved itself worldwide as more than just a highly effective hygienic option for cleaning urinals, offering a fresher washroom experience and more positive environmental impact.

The advantages include drastically reduced water consumption rates, a 100% chemical-free system, and low maintenance requirement.

Saving Water Consumption

The difference that the Fresh & Clean WhiffAway system makes to the rate of water consumption is the biggest advantage to the environment. Water shortages are nothing new in Australia. Between 1997 and 2010, Melbourne’s water reserves plummeted from 100% to just 30% 1), while cities throughout the country have been introducing a raft of water usage restrictions over the past 6 or 7 years 2.

With this kind of pressure placed on water supplies, any reduction in water consumption in workplace and commercial washrooms makes a big difference. And with estimates of between 3 and 8 litres used for each urinal flush (depending on model), even controlled flushing systems can result in a huge drain of 768 litres of water per day per urinal.

It means that even an average high-street restaurant, using just 2 urinals, will consume more than 1,500 litres of water each day, or more than 500,000 litres of water per year. Clearly, by switching to waterless urinals the pressure on supplies of water is drastically lessened.

Converting to Waterless Urinals

Since urine is already 95% water, there is actually no need to flush a urinal, so converting to a waterless urinal system makes practical sense, as much as environmental sense.

A major plus to the WhiffAway system is that the costs of converting to a waterless urinal system is drastically slashed. There is no need to tinker with the existing plumbing system or redesign the washroom.

Fresh & Clean service agents can quickly and simply convert existing urinals by installing the WhiffAway drainage system into the existing piping, and emptying the cisterns supplying to the urinals. So, high-priced plumbers are not needed, nor is any major disruption made to a business’s working day.

Green Hygiene

Of course, lessening the impact made on the environment is wonderful, but it is essential that the level of hygiene is not compromised. It is already an established fact that chemicals are not the secret to a hygienically clean restroom. The biological option is often more effective and certainly better for the environment.

Because the WhiffAway system uses bacteria to break down urine, the uric salts that can eventually contribute to blockages in the piping are dissolved naturally. A total of 17 different breeds of bacteria are housed in the cartridge placed in the urinal bowl, and as the urine passes through, the damaging elements are neutralised and easily washed away.

Fragrant Restroom Environment

Another major problem with urinals is the odour that can emanate from below. This is usually caused by the uric acid that can build up in the piping. Even waterless urinals can have a problem with this, and rely heavily on chemically created fragrances to mask the sickly smell.

But this is dealt with by the clever design of the WhiffAway system, which includes a unique one-way valve which prevents back odours rising from the piping. The result is a fresher, as well as more hygienic, urinal.

There is a need for some chemical cleaners to be used, with a deep clean session sometimes provided as part of the quarterly maintenance service provided by Fresh & Clean. But since maintenance is required only every three months there is still a significant reduction in the amount of chemicals used, making a real difference to the eco-friendly status of your washrooms.

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Image Courtesy: WiNG via Wikimedia