Turn off office heatersWe’ve all heard the expression ‘think global, act local’ right? Well it’s time to do just that! Download, print and hang one of our energy saving reminder posters and never again forget the little things we can all do to help the environment.

Download A4 poster [PDF 283 KB]

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Anti-Fatigue Mats
Protect your employees from muscle fatigue and strains with Alsco’s anti-fatigue mats. Ideal for messy areas such as kitchens and workshops where slips, trips and muscle strains are more likely, Alsco’s wet areas mats offer a number of advantages: cushioning to reduce fatigue and noise; resistance to oils, solvents and water; and drainage holes to allow liquids/dirt to pass through. Most importantly, Alsco’s fully managed mat rental service means that mats are regularly picked up and exchanged for freshly laundered mats to comply with good hygiene practices. Contact Alsco to take advantage of our free one week trial.


Image Courtesh: Wolfgang Lonien