Fatigue is always present in the workplace. Fatigue can be found, not just in the places where physical work is done, but in offices too, where employees spend most of their time behind desks and in front of computers.

Employees can feel fatigue no matter what kind of work they do and it can have an effect on their productivity. This is why it is important to take steps that would help reduce workplace fatigue.

Fatigue is not just a simple tiredness. It is an extreme sort of tiredness that comes from physical, mental and even emotional exertions.

This lack of energy will not go away even after resting and it is easy to understand why this can have a very detrimental effect on the productivity of an employee. A worker who experiences fatigue will not be able to contribute that much.

See How Easily You Can Conquer Workplace Fatigue

The quickest way to end workplace fatigue is for an employee not to be there at all, but that would not satisfy anyone. Employees need the work and the employer needs them to stay. So another solution needs to be found.

The good news is that there are actually several ways to combat workplace fatigue and by combat that does not mean that you have to do a lot of effort. In fact, let’s forget the word combat because it sounds like too much work. Let’s call them the lazy ways of fighting workplace fatigue. It means that you can take things easy and still get some results.

Here are some of the ideas that you can try out:

1.   The Secret of Workplace Exercise

There are those who might scratch their heads at this idea. We’re talking about fighting fatigue and yet we’re suggesting that workers should exercise while at work. Wouldn’t that make them even more tired? Yes and no. While exercising can cause tiredness afterward, research has shown that it actually helps in fighting fatigue.

It’s not about making employees run around the office whenever they feel tired; it’s about letting them get regular exercise. A small amount of exercise done on a regular can go a long way, even a regular dose of 15 minute exercises.

While exercising should be a personal decision, a workplace can be configured in such a way that employees can be encouraged to work out. There are plenty of creative ways that a workplace can become a fun exercise area too.

The people at Autodesk’s Pier 9 facility, located in San Francisco came up with one of the craziest ideas so far. They created a work desk that allows an employee to work while walking or even running. It’s kind of like a hamster wheel when you look at it, so some might not be so thrilled with the idea, but it does the job of allowing a worker to exercise while working.

If you don’t think that people in your workplace would be fighting over who gets to use a giant hamster wheel, there are other equally creative ideas that you can employ to make them burn some calories to fight fatigue, like moving the washroom to a different building or disabling the elevator. Just kidding!

2.   Get Rid of Dehydration Once and For All

Did you know that dehydration causes people to feel tired? You didn’t. Dehydration is probably the reason why some people feel fatigued all the time. You can eliminate this cause of fatigue in the workplace by placing a drinking fountain in places that are accessible to everyone.

You can also give employees customized drinking mugs or bottles so they can still get their drinks even if they do not have to go to the fountain all the time. If they drink up plenty of water, they would have to the bathroom more often and if you took our tip about relocating the bathroom in another building altogether, you can make them exercise. You’re hitting two birds with a single stone! Of course, we’re just kidding again there.

3.   What Everybody Ought to Know About Taking Breaks

When people get tired, the top solution is for the employee to take a break. A workplace should be designed in such a way that workers would find it easy to relax and really get a rest during their breaks. There should be a pantry where they can eat and drink while taking their break.

If employees work through the night, they should have areas where they can take a nap if they are feeling too sleepy to work. By taking regular and proper breaks, fatigue in the workplace can be prevented. The workplace isn’t a labour camp and hardworking employees deserve a nice place to rest.

4.       Have a Posture You Can Be Proud Of

For employees who are required to sit all day long, an improper posture can actually lead to fatigue. Poor posture, aside from fatigue, can also lead to back pains and other health problems. But it’s not all bad news. Bad posture can be prevented and the way that a workplace is set up can help a lot.

Seats, for example, should be ergonomically designed to maintain proper posture. Employees should also be encouraged and taught to perform exercises that can help in promoting good posture.

5.       Who Else Wants to Stand Up?

Another way that you can prevent employees from getting tired is to make provisions so they can perform their work while standing. The leading way to do that is to give them standing desks that they can use.

Standing up is not going to ensure that workers are going to be free from fatigue. They also need to maintain proper posture while standing and they should keep on moving. There are also products that employees can use when they are standing while working. Alsco has some anti-fatigue floor mats that can be rented.

Here is an infographic from SnackNation.com on how to stay healthy at work.


These are just some of the things that can be done in order to help employees stay away from fatigue while they are in the workplace. It’s impossible to completely prevent them from getting tired, but the ideas that we have listed here should be able to help out. They’re humans after all and not robots.

Look into the products offered by Alsco that could help employees stay productive while they are in the workplace, so you can give them all the help that they can get.


Image Courtesy: Pixabay