For most people running a business, the washroom is the last thing that they worry about. It’s not usually what they consider when thinking of connecting with their customers.

While that sort of thinking can make sense, it’s not wholly correct. The restroom might not be the first thing that a customer would consider or check about a business, still its condition can say a lot.

The condition of your establishment’s washroom can ruin or enhance its reputation.  To make sure you will be providing the best experience to your customers, consider getting Alsco’s washroom service.

Here are the top ten things a clean and well-maintained washroom will say about your business:

1.   Your Care Goes Beyond Profit

A well-maintained washroom, one that is undeniably clean, will tell your customers that your business cares about them.  You are concerned not just about the profit that you can get out of the clients, but extends beyond the profit to the person itself. The reality is that washrooms are not part of the money making aspect of your business, which means that they do not really belong to the top things that are usually considered.

If your customers see that your washrooms are well-maintained, they get the impression that profit is not the only thing that you are after and that you care about them. The end result is that you would get more customers and even earn more profit.

2.   You Pay Attention to Detail

The customer service area, the lobby, and the meeting room are the obvious areas that you have to pay attention to. Those are the places where customers are going to spend most the time. Keep those parts of your business clean and looking good and you will leave a great impression.

The washroom should really belong to that list because customers spend time there as well. Keeping it well-maintained and clean would show your customers that you pay attention to the small details of running your business, which is a good thing for you.

By keeping the same or even a higher standard of cleanliness in the washroom, as with the other important areas, will create the impression that nothing is overlooked with you.

3.   You’re an Excellent Manager

A survey revealed that almost three-fourths of consumers believe that a bad washroom experience means bad management. On the same note, two-thirds of the customers surveyed say that a poorly maintained washroom will lower their opinion of a company.

The consumer surveys indicate that in order for you to leave the right kind of impression on consumers, you have to keep a high level of maintenance when it comes to the washroom. It is a must if you want to keep the image of your business on the right track.

4.   Customers Matter to You

Your customers can use your washroom for free, so if they see that you are maintaining it like it is part of what they are paying for, that can be a huge plus. That is one of the best ways of showing that your customers matter to you.  You want their overall experience of your business to be a great one.

5.   You Are Hardworking and Efficient

A dirty washroom is like a neon sign saying that your business and your people are lazy and inefficient and it is not really off the mark. If you cannot keep washrooms clean, it means that you are not working hard enough or that your business is inefficient.

If you cannot get something as simple as getting facilities cleaned, then how can you be trusted with other matters? When all areas of the business, including the washrooms are cleaned, that can give the impression that you are running a very efficient outfit.

6.   Cleanliness is Important to You

Keeping a well-maintained washroom will demonstrate to your customers that you value cleanliness. If they walk into your washroom and they see a sparklingly clean facility, you gain points right away. If you are running a restaurant, for example, they would imagine that you must be keeping an immaculate kitchen if you keep your washroom so clean.

7.   You Can Be Trusted

Do you want your customers to trust you? Of course, you do! The problem is that it’s very difficult to gain customer trust these days. Consumers are wary of any gimmicks that businesses might try to pull off these days.

There is a way of making your customers trust your business. That way is to simply give an extra effort in keeping your washrooms spotless. Research has shown that customers tend to trust a business with a clean restroom and so are less picky when it comes to bills and other stuff.

8.   You Are Socially Responsible

It’s not just about keeping things clean in the washroom. You can also make a statement there about how socially responsible your business is. You can use water saving taps, hand dryers that have low energy consumption, and other green accessories that would show you are aware of the social responsibility of your business and that you are implementing it at all levels.

9.   Health Is Your Concern

The washroom is a potential breeding ground for germs. Just ignore cleaning and maintaining it for a few days and it will surely become a ripe place for picking up bacteria and other stuff that can make people sick.

By keeping things clean in the washroom, you can show your customers (and employees) that you care about their health. You can convince them that you really thinking about their well-being.

10.   You Want Your Customers to Come Back

A dirty washroom is like telling customers to their faces that you do not want them to come back. A bad washroom experience is a sure way to get your business to be written off by people. Keeping your washroom spotlessly clean is one way of convincing customers that it is going to be worth their time to come back.

If you want to improve the experience of your customers when they use your washroom, discover what Alsco has to offer.