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Epicor recently carried out a global carbon accounting survey to offer some insight into businesses’ ability and willingness towards energy management. The survey collected responses from nearly 1,000 companies worldwide. The main result showed that carbon accounting is definitely not a priority with the majority of businesses not even aware of the what Carbon Accounting is. More worryingly, of those that were aware, less than 25% were actively doing anything about it.

In some countries new legislation and regulations are soon to be, or are already being implemented which aims to get corporations to take account of their energy management. Australia is in the midst of implementing such strategies.

It’s quite worrying to think that a third of all companies don’t know whether they are under legal obligation to report emissions and we want to take this opportunity to urge the industry as a whole to take responsibility and help educate businesses about energy management,” said Chris Purcell, product marketing manager for Epicor. “Businesses should prepare now for carbon accounting.”

Global businesses now need to account for their carbon emissions, by voluntary initiatives or via mandatory processes that are starting to be put in place. Without these processes, companies are getting away with excessive usage and waste. It is important that businesses don’t see the green agenda as an alternative to operational savings because it is not. We need to get businesses to push being green to the top of their priorities.

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Source: Epicor

Photo Courtesy: Todd Huffman