How many times have you heard these words as warning? How many times has someone pointed to loose wiring or empty packaging on the floor and uttered ‘mind your feet’?

There was a time when minding your feet only related to not losing your footing, tripping and falling.

Today, however, taking care of what is underfoot is just as much a part of eco-friendly work places.

Thanks to products like Evolution Mats, a global provider of ground-breaking recycled floor mats, what we stand on and walk across at work can make our working environment all the cleaner and greener – and, of course, healthier and safer too!

The Cleaner Workplace

Just like the ‘Welcome’ mat on the doorstep of a home, work place entrance mats allow people to leave the dirty of the street at the door. But there is more to it than just dusting the soles of our boots.

Textile floor mats are ideal breeding grounds for micro-organisms (or microbes), like bacteria and fungi, dropped off and picked up as people walk over fibres.

In fact, research has shown that as many 5,000 bacteria exist in each square inch of footwear. But the development of anti-microbial mats means that this no longer is a problem.

Antimicrobial compounds now used in mat rubber, and treatments used on fibres, actually inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi to provide a cleaner and healthier work environment.

The Greener Workplace

Of course, being ‘green’ means more than hygiene – there needs to an impact made on the greater environment.

The Evolution Mats range are made from re-engineered and recycled materials, which means there are no raw materials used in the manufacturing process. Besides the obvious advantages of recycling rubbers, plastics and other fibres has, recycling means less water and energy is used in making these mats.

According to the European Tyre Recycling Association, for example, the energy required to produce just 1kg of tyre rubber from virgin materials is 121,000 BTUs, while the energy used in using recycled rubber is less than 2% of that figure – just 2,200 BTUs.

The Healthier Workplace

In terms of staff health, anti-fatigue mats in the Evolution Mats range can counter the negative impact that standing for long periods can have on staff.

The Common Musculoskeletal Effects

  • Back and foot pain
  • Stress joints
  • Even weariness which can lead to accidents

More pressure-absorbent rubber and other materials, as well as thicker piles with cushioned bases, help alleviate the problem.

In numerous studies, these mats have been shown to lead to reductions in staff absenteeism and injury, and increases in productivity.

The Safer Workplace

This is the logical use of mats, especially when the floor surface is smooth and liable to be slippery when wet.

Hotel lobbies come to mind, but many work places require these mats, like industrial work floors, garages, commercial kitchens, bars and restaurants to name just a few.

Why Choose this Mats?

These mats are hydrophobic in structure, meaning they can effectively resist water, as well as other liquids like oils and solvents. But to enhance the safety aspect even further, today’s mats are also ripple and dog-ear free, keeping them completely flat.

So, tripping over the mat itself is a practical impossibility too. Now, that’s good news for anywhere that heavy traffic is expected!

So, a floor mat is just to prevent walkers slipping? No, it makes a far positive impact on the working environment than that.

And through the ground-breaking recycling polices from Evolution Mats, reduces the carbon footprint. So, ‘mind your feet’ means the environment’s footing is more assured too!

A Clean & Green Office

A clean office will benefit both employees and customers; this will give everyone a very good impression. Our Dust Control & Floor Protection Mats, Wet Area Mats, Anti-Fatigue Mats, Personal Mats, Message Mats and just recently Alsco added the new Eco Mat — all are made from recycled eco-friendly materials.

Just imagine how beneficial this will be. Only one thing to do, just call Alsco and we’ll be happy to serve you.


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Image courtesy: Envato