There is no denying the increasing importance of finding environmentally friendly ways to do business. Of course, business is business and so it is essential to find solutions that are both economically and environmentally viable.

The struggle for many businesses is to identify some sort of economic pay-off that will be gained from implementing sustainable practices – for instance, cutting costs, attracting more customers or better staff. To help businesses get started on the road to a sustainable future Supply Chain Digital, together with the Director of Action Sustainability Ian Heptonshall, have come up with an easy eight-step plan to help businesses move towards a greener future.

Check it out here:

Workplace Health & Hygiene Services
A clean and hygienic workplace speaks volumes. Fresh & Clean managed health and hygiene rental programs are available throughout Australia, providing a wide range of functional and stylish products and services. Achieving a healthy and hygienic workplace is made simple with a program designed to suit your specific needs, based on a thorough assessment of business operations, staff levels and customer numbers. Services and products provided include first aid kits and supplies; hand cleansers and sanitisers; specialist cleaning; and washroom supplies such as feminine hygiene disposal units, odour control, soap dispensers, hand-drying systems.


Image Courtesy: Wikimedia