Queensland Health Green Office Resource Guide

Queensland Health Green Office Resource Guide

April 27, 2016 Author: rsoconsultingsf@gmail.com

In March 2009, the Carbon Management Unit of Queensland Health released a Green Office Resource Guide. The objective of this guide is to “provide staff of Queensland Health offices with the ability to embrace environmental values, leading to a more environmentally sustainable office environment.”

The manual provides simple guidelines that, while targeted at Queensland Health offices, are applicable to offices everywhere.

The Guidelines Provides

  • Ways to increase office energy efficiency
  • Develop sustainable procurement practices
  • Develop water conservation practices
  • Develop waste management procedures
  • Facilitate shifts in behavioural management
  • Develop a green office self-assessment monitoring and reporting guide

You can download the QLD Green Office Resource Guide here: http://www.health.qld.gov.au/carbon_management/green_office_guide.pdf

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