Highlights from the Restaurant & Catering Awards Sponsorship

Alsco – A Major Sponsor

For many years now, Alsco has been a major sponsor of the Restaurant & Catering Awards for Excellence.

These awards are the most respected industry awards, specifically designed to recognise and promote industry best practice, and with more than 500 trained judges and 2,000 entrants each year, they set the  national benchmark.

The awards presentations have given our Sales Executives and branch staff across Australia the opportunity to meet people within the industry and have led to the acquisition of many new customers for Alsco over the years.

Restaurant Wipes

Restaurants can become rather messy places. Using disposable wipes to clean is an expensive option, not to mention the environmental downside. Alsco’s cloth wipes are an environmentally sustainable alternative: 100% cotton, they are also effective, absorbent and durable. Conforming to all relevant workplace health and safety requirements, Alsco can provide colour-coded food wipes to prevent cross-contamination and glass wipes for detailing and cleaning. Alsco’s restaurant linen rental service is the simple convenient way to manage all your linen needs.