At the risk of sounding cliche’, we’re going to say it anyway: health is wealth.

Many companies today tend to bandy the term “the bottom line” a lot, referring to the importance of profitability in any business venture.

This “bottom line” is the result of the work that the employees put into their company. Therefore, the wellbeing of your employees should be important to you in more ways than one.

Increasingly, companies today are beginning to place emphasis on their employees’ health as a prime focus. To think of health as simply being about how well the body is faring misses the point.

However, a recent Workforce and Virgin Pulse survey found that many people (48.4 percent) understand that their physical, mental, and emotional health are closely interconnected. Together, they add up to general wellbeing.

Here are the five areas you probably didn’t think you need to explore when talking about your employee health:

1. Cleanliness

A health plan and maybe even gym membership are great things to offer to your employees. In fact, many companies likely already do.

But if you don’t deal with the core elements that contribute to poor health, you’re not really tackling the problem at its core. Many times, poor health comes from poor hygiene.

Installing hygienic systems like those on-offer from Alsco’s Fresh & Clean line make for a tough stance against contaminants and bacteria that tends to float around your average office.

Alsco’s Fresh & Clean offers a thorough assessment that will allow us to offer you products and services that are tailor-made with your company and your employees’ needs in mind.

2. Financial Security

A credit card for expensesWhile that steady paycheck you give out to your employees every month does take care of their financial needs, it still doesn’t help those who might have trouble with their budgeting!

Financial security and the sense of being in control help a great deal to relieve the stresses. Stress has tremendous effects on employee health.

You cannot do much to change bad spending habits of some of your employees. But you can lower that spending by offering healthy and affordable food alternatives in the office.

On top of that, you can also invest in programs and seminars that’ll teach your employees basic saving and budgeting tips that’ll make them wiser spenders.

3. Life Skills

Many times, working at an office may feel like an endless grind for cash. In a sense, it can’t be denied.

But if you want to really watch out for your employees’ well-being, it really helps to offer them a chance to improve their lives.

Increasingly, the introduction of lectures and seminars on a whole lot of relevant life skills has helped to boost overall morale and employee satisfaction in companies.

Alsco Training offers training programs that will give your employees a little extra when it comes to their day-to-day.

Our First Aid course, for example, is empowering and makes employees feel more in control in the face of any emergencies that might befall them in and outside work.

Couple that with our Emergency Response & Evacuations course and you also equip your office and your employees with a deeper sense of safety and security.

4. Dealing with FeelingsOfficemates discussing work matters

What a person feels inside often dictates the way they act. Inability to deal with some feelings can drastically decrease your employee well being. You may want to offer some help.

This might seem a little tricky because you can’t know and understand all that your employees go through, right?

Well, the key here is to give your employees the right tools to be able to find comfort. Encourage them to visit your HR department or even go for counselling in some severe situation.

Do not underestimate the impact of psychological trauma on your employee wellbeing.

5. Pleasant surroundings

It is not the same if you work in a old, mouldy, smelly place with no proper lights or in a beautiful office with big windows. Workplace matters a lot. And it is not that hard to make it pleasant.

Take a simple solution like the Fresh & Clean Odour Control system. This automatic, wall-mounted air freshener dispenses a measured dose of fragrance at intervals that you can program and control.

Sense of smell greatly affects our mood. So, these will allow you to fill your workplace with scents that comfort and relax your employees, subtly making them feel better while eliminating any unpleasant odour that may also affect their mood.

For over 50 years, Alsco has been the only company to call on when you need a wide range of reliable, affordable, and highly personalised services for your business. Alsco covers a whole gamut of services from commercial linen to uniform rentals.

We also provide Fresh & Clean hygienic systems that tend to the needs of your employees when it comes to comfort, hygiene, and good health.

Contact Alsco now if you care about upgrading your employee care programs. Our friendly customer service staff will find the best and the most affordable solution for you!

Photo Courtesy: Pixabay Image from jerrykimbrell10jarmoluk, and Unsplash