The human sense of smell affects up to 75% of daily emotions. It also plays a huge role in creating memories. Scents are sentimental, and they have something to do with a people’s tendency to be drawn to a certain person or a memory.

Certain beautiful scents tend to attract people making them create an emotional connection with that particular scent. This is why hotels assume a particular scent which they sometimes even offer to their clientele. It helps people keep the positive memory of the hotel more vivid and long lasting.

Hotel scenting has gained popularity in the recent past. This is the result of its strategic ability to efficiently and effectively market a hotel. Hotel scents have a major impact on the mood of the guests. It makes them feel better and they will always want to have that feeling again.

Want to know why more and more hotels are getting into scent branding these days? Here are the reasons why:

1. It creates a lasting impression on guests

For any hotel business, it is important to inspire loyalty among guests and always exceed their hotel experience expectations.

When people are away from the comfort of their home, it is the little things that make a difference. Every element of your hotel adds to the guests’ experience.

This ranges from the gym, the spa, the décor in your lobby and rooms and even the attitude of the staff. Some may be surprised, but the use of scents actually creates an unforgettable experience for your customers during their stay and even long after they have left.

The use of essential oils with antibacterial properties enhances the need for a guest to use the spa and sauna since it gives them nothing but satisfaction. The high-quality aroma oils are often blended and diffused into the lobby and guest corridors. They create comfort and warm home-like feeling.

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2. It makes guests want to stay longer and return

Create the emotional connection with your guests that you have always desired. The kind of connection that communicates your unique style and a scent enhanced environment.

Scented hotels rarely lack customers. Naturally, anyone wants to spend more time in a clean, fresh smelling and serene environment. These hotels offer exactly that, thus ensuring their rooms are always booked.

3. It adds class to any hotel

Scented hotels are considered to be of a higher social class. As such, people expect equally high level of service from these hotels.

4. It generates more profit

Scented hotels make more profits. Due to the scenting aspect of the hotel, it gets a high clientele hence they are able to charge more on the per room rates.

5. It keeps guests happy

Ambient scenting can enhance positive emotions and moods such as happiness, relaxation, and sensuality.

The best thing about it is that the sense of smell is always in full operation 24/7. It is one sense that cannot be switched off even in sleep so you can be sure your guests are feeling pleasant throughout their entire stay in you hotel.

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6. It creates longer lasting memories for guests

Aside from creating a good mood, scenting also improves memory. That’s how sentimental memories are created in well-scented hotels. The sense of smell is the only one that is so closely tied to memory. A customer who has been to a scented hotel and that which is not scented will most likely come back to the hotel which was scented.

Marketing strategies with hotel scents

Hotel scenting is achieved through the diffusion of aromatic essential natural oils and fragrances into the hotel room, lobbies and other areas.

Giving an entire hotel a signature scent may seem like an uphill task, but it actually isn’t. All you need is to get a sophisticated high volume diffuser which is incorporated in your hotel air handling system. This system enables economic and effective air scenting strategy for your hotel.

There is always an intimate relationship between the sense of smell and the memory creating part of the brain. Therefore, create an unforgettable memory for your client once they enter the lobby in your hotel.

The first and last impressions, or better known as primacy and recency in the psychological setting, are usually what sticks to customers. Anything else that occurs in between these two does not really matter or isn’t as important. As such, by scenting your hotel or restaurant, you will be creating the positive first and last impressions in the minds of the guests.

Hotel scenting is not just a way for the hotel owners to increase their profits, but also a way of enhancing customer satisfaction by providing high-quality services. It creates untold memories and increases the chances of the guest coming back to enjoy the same kind of an environment.

Always ensure you give your guests a souvenir to take home with your hotel’s signature scent.

Fresh and Clean offers ambient scenting solutions to hotel businesses. We can create a custom ambient scent for your hotel. We offer a wide range of fine fragrances that will make sure your customers have a pleasant experience staying in your hotel.

Call us today and start scenting your hotel!

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