There’s no exception. As a hotel, B&B or a guest house owner you want to provide the best services and offer top satisfaction to your customers. Just like any other accommodation business. But truth be told, to be exceptional is easier said than done.

Customer expectations are increasingly soaring. The threshold of customer demands incessantly rising. And not to mention the competition is cut-throat. With all those threatening factors, it’s pretty challenging to stay on top of things.

Whether you like it or not, you’ll have to stick your neck out at times to keep your business running. But instead of immediately going for risky financial ventures, why not try some more affordable solutions? They might be as helpful.

If you run a start-up company we’ll get you some tips on how to avoid huge upfront investment costs. And if you mean to revitalise your long-running accommodation business, we’ve got some tricks on that, too. And you’ll be able to reduce your operating costs along the way.

In hospitality, the success of a business depends on how efficient the team is and how effective the business model is. But on top of everything, your customer service quality must be second to none.

And one thing’s for sure, the good choice of linen is one of the secrets of your accommodation business success.

There’s more than one way your choice of linen can impact your business. Here’s what it says about your business.

It Assures Your Clients You’re a Reliable Business

Whether you offer a B&B, hotel or guest house lodging you can’t afford having inadequate, old, tatty linen. It will put your customers off. Let’s face it, nobody wants to repeat an unpleasant lodging experience.

If you don’t find it necessary to provide your guests with decent linen, forget about gaining their confidence. And without satisfied, returning customers your business is bound to suffer. You know it’s much cheaper to serve repeat customers than to attract new ones.

In contrast, having an excellent quality bedroom and bathroom linen will skyrocket your occupancy rates. Your distinguished accommodation looks will speak for itself. And your guests will feel safe and comfortable in your customer-oriented place.

Doing your best to serve them is of paramount importance. It strengthens customer relationships and improves customer loyalty.

So, get your guest rooms a new stylish appearance. Make some cost-effective investments.

Get your clean, comfortable, high-quality linen for an affordable, monthly fixed pay. Use Alsco’s accommodation linen rental services and keep your stack of fresh and clean linen always on hand. Tell your guests you’re the right place for them to be returning to.

It Guarantees Them Customer Satisfaction is Your Immediate Priority

The trick of hospitality trade is being always there for your guests. But they’ll very much appreciate being left to their own devices, as well. Especially if provided with outstanding lodging services.

Handing out a key to the room with bright and crisp bed linen will tell your guests they’re appreciated. It’ll tell them their satisfaction is your immediate priority.

A lot of effort is being made in modern hospitality to enhance the lodging experience. It’s aimed at improved customer satisfaction and retention. Creating a memorable experience will help you stay ahead of the competition.

And you should have a glimpse at the statistics. Numbers say that 88% of unsatisfied customers will abandon your company and transition to competitors. Yet, one satisfied customer will bring you 4-6 new customers due to positive reviews.

And there’s more. Peek at this infographic that illustrates the importance of good customer service.

Click the image to view the whole infographic.

It Showcases Your Clients You Highly Value Their Comfort

When they arrange for accommodation, every guest’s concern is about the comfort of their loggings. Booking either for business or leisure, they want to be able to truly relax. Comfortable, quality guest rooms will make your clients to want to return.

Alsco’s luxurious bedroom and bathroom linen program will catch your customers’ eye. Our smooth linen, stylish blankets, and fluffy quilts will ensure greatest bedroom comfort. And our cottony towels, soft bath robes, and bath mats will round off the comfy experience.

They come in a range of blend types and different sizes and styles to suit your requirements. Our selection of ultra-comfortable pillows and mattress toppers will literally spoil your customers.

And when we say comfort, we mean it. Your customers won’t be able to forget the intense feeling of luxury and comfort you provided them.

It Proves Aesthetics Is One of Your Business’ Salient Features

Nowadays aesthetics is becoming an imperative for a booming business. It goes along with customers’ rising expectations.

Thus, offering fresh and clean linen pleasant to the eye will make a huge difference for your accommodation business. What you want for your guests is not only comfort but a premium experience.

With a little help from Alsco, you’ll manage to turn your customers’ experience into something extraordinary. Our luxuriously soft, eye appealing linen will leave your guests utterly relaxed, and pampered. They’ll be impressed with your business.

Take a pick from our finest, most luxurious linens, towels, and blankets. Pair that with our sumptuous, cloud-like regular and box-end quilts. This will leave an overwhelming feeling of quality your guests will appreciate.

It Presents Your Business’ Exceptional Hygiene Standards

Regardless of being an economy, mid-level or luxury accommodation, providing your clients with decent room hygiene is necessary. There’s nothing that can ruin the authority of your business more than inadequate linen hygiene.

The establishments that neglect cleanliness are known to rapidly acquire an unenviable reputation. Plus, they lose their customers at a similar rate.

So, let the perfect cleanliness contribute to your establishment’s overall impression. With Alsco it’s a breeze. We offer you a convenient, trouble-free and affordable laundry service. Let us handle your linen. From cleaning and restocking to delivery, we’ve got you covered.

Provide Your Guests With No Less Than Exceptional

Above all, avoid being one of those establishments that offer an average experience. Make sure to meet your customers’ needs, preferences and expectations. Then exceed them.

Call Alsco today and provide your guests with the maximum luxury and comfort. We’ll help you impress your clients with style and maintain your well-deserved reputation.

Photo courtesy of Freepik Images by yanalya