Carpets, okay. Is there more to tell? Well, somewhat surprisingly, there is. And perhaps there’s more to tell than you can guess.

When we think of them we usually think of warmth and comfort of our living or working spaces. And full stop, that’s the end of the story.

But wait up and you’ll see what other operational aspects your workplace floor mats can “cover”. Other than your floors, of course.

Business owners usually demand high-quality mats for their company premises. Yet they often overlook a number of benefits their good choice can bring about. We could start with cleanliness and safety, or simply visual appearance, but there’s more.

Choosing the right carpeting can make a huge difference for your business. For instance, it can offer your employees the perks of working in an employee-friendly environment. And that’s just one example.

But check out the list of other benefits. And make sure to keep them in mind next time you decide to change your corporate mats.

Carpets Add Up to Your Interior Office Design

With more time spent in a workplace today, it’s not enough to have a functional office interior design anymore. New workplace trends demand your office design to be sophisticated and visually appealing.

Paying attention to the look of your workplace interior will do a fair share on boosting your employee productivity. And as far as your clients go, they’ll be more than happy to do their business in a pleasant environment.

Investing your energy and money to make the most out of your space will help enhance your business. A well-thought-out office space will include attractive modern office furniture that is cleverly arranged. Complementing this with upholstered pieces in the lounge area and adding some indoor plants will add an inviting touch.

But don’t neglect your office floors. Cover them with high-quality contemporary office mats that will communicate style and professional look.

They Contribute to Your Workplace Cleanliness

There are debates and preferences in deciding between carpets vs. wooden floors. However, each has its advantages and drawbacks. Wooden floors make it easier to wipe accidental spills, but need to be mopped more often.

On the other hand, carpets can mask dirt, but it can be hard to remove the stains. However, the new more-efficient vacuum cleaners and more stain-resistant synthetic fibers make cleaning carpets less of a chore.

High foot traffic areas in your workplace are understandably the dirtiest. But as a successful business, you need to maintain the sharp and professional look in all your areas.

It’s your carpeting that shows the real face of your workplace hygiene standards. Stains and smudges on your carpeting can be a sign of bad long-term maintenance. But letting your dirty carpets tarnish your company image is the last thing you want, right?

You may have not considered this option already, but you can have your floor mats laundered, replaced and delivered by a third party. Alsco’s managed rental mat service will provide you with perfectly clean workplace mats. And should we mention that our mats can absorb 80% of dirt and dust?

Conjure up somebody else thinking about maintenance of your entire workplace carpeting. Wouldn’t that be a relief? Supply yourself with utility and comfort, not only gentle on your feet but on your wallet too.

Floor Mats Safeguard Your Employees From Accidents

Slips and trips fall under some of the most common causes of injuries at work. And they account for over a third of all major work injuries. Moreover, the costs of compensation claims resulting from falls can be considerable.

Some of the main causes of workplace falls are changes in floor level and uneven and wet floor surfaces. So, it’s a good idea to install suitable wet area mats in places where water, oil or solvents are likely to be spilled. Ensuring high-level workplace safety for your people is mandatory.

Check out this infographic that elaborates on how slip-and-fall accidents happen and how to enhance worker safety.


Click the image to view the whole infographic.


Mats Help Relieve Your Staff’s Chronic Fatigue Problems

The choice of your floor mats can tell a lot about your company’s values. If you have a high regard for your employees’ health, all the details should point in that direction. From the way you treat your staff to all those small practical things, you are doing to make performing their daily tasks easier.

Ergonomic mats are one of those things. They reduce fatigue caused by long-hour standing. That’s what makes them a perfect asset for all professions that require lots of it. Waiters, cooks, cosmetologists, mechanics, hairdressers, dentists, they know the story all too well.

Spending more than 5 hours daily on your feet can cause prolonged lower limb muscle fatigue and raise your risk for long-term back pain.

So to reduce pain and help your employees perform their duties with a smile, equip them with mats that can fight off fatigue. With Alsco, you’ll get durable anti-fatigue mats which serve as a comfortable and safe surface to work on.

Additionally, help your staff relieve tired legs by introducing them to this video. It’s featuring yoga exercises tailored for those kinds of work-related problems.

They Make Your Space Visually Representative of Your Brand

Building your brand means making it interwoven in all aspects of your work. From the quality of your products to the way you address your customers.

It also means making it visible in all sorts of objects, from pens and calendars to office mats. It’s things like this that make your brand alive. A solid brand requires a powerful visual identity. So why not staying true to it from the very first footstep on the entry doors of your company?

It’s your entrance mat that your clients first see upon their arrival to your office. A good enough reason to make it branded, right?

With Alsco’s branded welcome mats the message of a strong and reliable company will be communicated unambiguously. You can personalize them to your liking, by printing your logos and images alike.

And isn’t it wonderful that at the same time you can encourage company pride among your employees by branding your office mats?

Take an Elegant Step Towards Your Goal

Now it makes more sense that using high-quality floor mats is not only about comfort or warmth, right?

But who would say that such an ordinary thing can convey such rich layers of meaning? And make such a big difference for your business? Well, this world is full of surprises.

It’s new things that we uncover that makes us take huge steps towards significant improvements. So use the knowledge that you’ve gained today to make tangible changes in your business.

Call Alsco today, partner up with us and reap all the aforementioned benefits in one stroke.