Do piles of soiled laundry keep heaping trouble upon you day after day? Can your laundry machines keep up with your ever bustling work pace? If you happen to notice that laundering is not only slowing your operation process down.

But it starts getting a bit of a nuisance too, then outsourcing must be the right thing for you.

Jennifer Lopez sure won’t do your laundry. And even you mama can’t help you out if you’re running a hotel or a restaurant business, let’s say, where huge amounts of linen are to be washed on a daily basis.

Yet, have you thought about hiring a professional laundry service that would do the job for you? Well, if you haven’t, you should.

Regardless of your industry, be it accommodation, restaurant, healthcare, even engineering or manufacturing. It’s the same story. The endless process of laundering won’t pass you by. Nor disappear overnight. Quite the contrary, heaps are going to keep piling up as your business grows larger.

And it’s going to get worse with an expanded workload. You’re going to have your staff running all over the place just to load another round of dirty laundry. It’s going to be like someone pushed the fast forward button on a video.

Still asking yourself why on earth you shouldn’t do the laundry yourself? Well, honestly because there are enough sound reasons for someone else to do it for you.

So, let’s round up the benefits you’ll reap. Get an insight into how hiring a laundry service can grease the wheels of your business. Fasten your seatbelts and let’s get going.

Make Your Life Easier

Just when you think of it. All those bundles of tablecloths, tea towels, bed sheets, towels, and wipes. And then all those batches of your professional uniforms and workwear. That makes for a lot of laundry work for your staff to handle, especially if you’ve got larger quantities to think of. And they’ve got one pair of hands only.

Your employees already bring a lot to the table, so at least take the laundry burden off the table for them. Outsource your laundry work and you’ll not only make it easier for your employees to handle the workload. You’ll also facilitate efficient workflow. And save yourself the bother of having to monitor the laundry process continuously.

Not to mention that it’s much more profitable to reserve your safe pair of hands to do what they’re trained to do.

So instead of overloading your housekeeping employees with extra laundry duties, let them focus on cleaning the rooms flawlessly. And let your waiters cater to your customers to ensure a sought-after top customer service.

Hiring a trusted laundry service is a smart business move. ‘Cause, rest assured, it’s going to save you much hassle. Conjure up an image of cleaned stacks of laundry delivered straight to your door. You won’t have to worry about managing your soiled laundry ever again.

Save You Precious Time

If there’s a reason major enough to take up a professional laundry service it would definitely be saving your time. And you know better than we do how precious your time is. Places like hospitals, hotels or restaurants are busy places. And time is of true essence.

Taking the laundry troubles off your mind will allow you to focus on other more serious matters. A commercial laundry service will pick up your bagfuls of laundry and drop them off. Your job would only be to hand them out and receive them back. Convenient, right?

And then there’s the laundering process. It can be pretty time consuming if you’re doing it all by yourself. Even more so in businesses that generate large volumes of linen. What if you invested just half of those loaded hours in your staff training or enhanced customer service? Plain to see, the investment is bound to pay off.

And if you hire a hyper-fast and accurate laundry service, you’re daily operations are going to run like clockwork.

Let Professionals Do the Work

You may be convinced your staff will know how to clean your laundry best. Yet, it may actually be quite opposite. They could be oblivious of cleaning techniques that could improve the lifespan of your linen and enhance its cleanliness.

That’s why you better leave it to the professionals. They’ll know exactly how to get rid off tough stains and take care of the linens to keep them looking at their best.

Or choose a steam laundry that will get your linen not only cleaned but also sanitised. Steam cleaning operates with high temperatures which in turn ensures proper laundry sterilisation.
Seth Willer, national sales manager for Continental Girbau, discusses the operational problems of managing your laundry on-site.

“One person can fold and stack anywhere between 100 and 120 linens per hour, whereas automated folding equipment can handle 600 to 800 linens in the same time frame. Do the math backward to see how many people you need, and it justifies the price of upgrading. If upgrading isn’t in the budget, then outsourcing can be the answer.”

Save on Cleaning Supplies and Equipment Maintenance

Simply do the math. Think of all the money you invest into your in-house laundry equipment and maintenance. Next, add what you invest in buying and replacing cleaning supplies. Then calculate the savings you’d make if you could avoid these costs.

On top of that, you always need to think about keeping your cleaning supplies stocked. It’s a minor inconvenience to be overcome, but it also counts.

Joseph Ricci, the president and CEO of TRSA points out the expenditures of on-site laundering and the financial benefits of doing off-premise laundry.

“Investments in laundry and material handling equipment can add up. Using a textile service provider allows hotels to redirect capital to other areas and improvement projects.
For some hotels, using an external provider for laundry services may ultimately help operators avoid the economic stress that comes with managing their own laundry operations.”

And here’s how much money the Canadian province of Saskatchewan saved by outsourcing their hospital laundry.


With Alsco, however, it’s not only equipment investment that you can forget about. You can forget about all your linen and workwear investments.

Alsco’s managed rental service can cover the majority of your textile needs. From table linen and bed linen to a wide range of work uniforms. We will take care of all your cleaning, repairs, restocking and delivery. And you get that for a fixed regular fee. Convenient or what?

Go Green Without Splashing Out Your Greenbacks

Having a massive amount of laundry circulation each day can weigh down your budget. But it can also do harm to the environment. So, first and foremost, outsourcing your laundry will help you go green by saving water and electricity. Cutting down your water and electricity bill will create a pleasant aftertaste.

You may be keen on joining the going green initiative but getting the environment-friendly equipment can be pricey. But basically, you can contribute to the environment by choosing a laundry service that embraces going green practices. Like using environmentally friendly equipment and using energy efficient laundering processes.

Moreover, Alsco offers you green and convenient continuous roll towels. They minimise bacterial cross-contamination and ensure an unparalleled level of hygiene. Most importantly, the continuous towels offer serious environmental benefits. Using them means using up to 63% less energy, creating 48% fewer greenhouse gases and up to 79% less waste.

Of Course You Shouldn’t

So, should you do your laundry? Of course, you shouldn’t. We’ve given you a plenty of legitimate reasons why. First off, hiring a professional laundry service will take the heaps of your soiled laundry out of the picture, for good.

Furthermore, it’ll decrease your daily workload and let you and your staff focus on more important tasks. It’ll save you time and money! And last but not least, help you get green with fewer investments.

So, get that load off your mind straight into Alsco’s high-end laundry cleaning machines. And not just one load. You know full well how many! And that’s precisely the amount of relief you are going to feel when you put your laundry into our hands.

And there’s more. Sign up for our linen rental service and receive the first month FREE. So, what are you waiting for? It’s a practical choice you won’t regret. Get in touch with Alsco today to test the waters!

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