Been getting ideas for starting up your own restaurant business? Or been reflecting on the subject for a while already, but can’t seem to work out where to start from?

There are so many aspects to consider before embarking on this adventure. It can be overwhelming. You need to think about the design, fitout, positioning and service, with a good insight into the minds of your future customers.

In any case, devising a solid restaurant business plan is vital for your start-up success.

What may be hindering you in your new entrepreneurship can simply be the lack of sound advice! People can be ungenerous as far as sharing business secrets goes. And the internet is flooded with info which makes it challenging to dig up credible sources.

To that end, we’ve left no stone unturned. We’ve collected professional advice from business consultants, coaches and hospitality experts. They will help you get into gear to start and grow your own restaurant business. Let the rest be history.

1. Décor Counts Big Time

Michael Shen, a restaurant reviewer of ImStillHungry, says that customers put great value on service and décor. Both are inferior to food quality. But they can move the needle when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Alexandra Morris, a Sydney-based Commercial Interior Designer, stresses the importance of appointing a savvy designer with a portfolio of hospitality projects.

“Not only will they maximise the best use of your space, they will guide you through the procedures involved with council regulations as well as making sure the overall design meets Australian Standards and food codes.”

Paul Bolles-Beaven from sees eye to eye with Morris about hiring a knowledgeable design specialist. They can help put the visual aspect in line with your concept, and your food and beverage offerings.

These Instagram restaurant decor ideas will help you kick-start your imagination.

2. Impress With Instagram Worthy Tableware and Table Linens

Customers relish sharing their food on social media almost as much as consuming it. The more picture-perfect your entire restaurant visuals are, the more likely you will get posted on Instagram or Facebook.

Aside from enhancing food flavour, inviting tableware and table linen will entice customers to talk about you. Top this up with an exciting menu and your customers will be more than happy to share their awesome experience on their social networks.

Here are a few insider tips for buying restaurant tableware.

Also, give your Instagram followers a buzz by really nailing it with your food styling. Here are a few Instagram worthy food styling hacks from Aliza J. Sokolow, a photographer who’s been shooting and styling food for some of the top chefs around the globe.

3. Learn the Science of Colour

We’ve picked the brain of Protech Hospitality savvy designers for advice on choosing the right colours for a restaurant.

“Colours play an important role in generating a hospitable environment in cafés or restaurants. The colour that is rarely seen in cafes is blue. The reason behind that lies in its ability to distract one’s mind away from food.

On the other hand, colours like orange, red and green stimulate the appetite and increase cravings. This is why the right colour combination will not only help you maximise hospitability but will also generate customer satisfaction.”

4. Use SEO to Bring People In

Carlos Swinton-Lee of Bar & Restaurant Consultants shared that digital marketing and SEO are still by far the most effective ways to bring more customers in.

Keep your site active and your blog rolling with fresh, relevant content. This will help you boost your Google rankings. Get yourself listed on Google My Business. This helps people find you when they’re browsing on Google Search or Maps. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Respond to reviews on Trip Advisor and other 3rd-party platforms to stay current in the e-world of food. Use SEO tools on your website to target local searches and gain more Google exposure.

“Converting your audience to paying customers is a little more tricky. It cannot be done with marketing alone., Reputation will always spread far and wide so concentrating on a quality experience with great service and a fantastic product is paramount.” – Carlos Swinton-Lee

5. Peek Through Your Facebook Window

Carlos further advocates for Facebook as a great tool for highly targeted marketing. You can sift through your potential audiences using variables such as age group, area and lifestyle.

The founder of, James Eling reminds us to define our digital marketing objectives:

“Remember, Facebook marketing for restaurants is not about how many Likes you have. It is about having the right objectives, and that is usually finding more new customers and turning them into repeat customers.”

6. Master the Art of Customer Loyalty

Nicole Kelly of the Restaurant & Catering Industry Association shares with us her best customer loyalty hack. It’s remembering your guests’ birthdays (via Facebook), a favourite dish or wine style.

Adding a personal touch and giving them something in return for coming in will help turn them into regulars. So, come up with a loyalty program installed on your Point of Sales (POS) System that will record customers purchases and facilitate collecting points and rewards.

Open, Outsource, Outplay!

Using our expert tips will help you sail through the process of opening up your own food business. Also, check out Alsco’s extensive list of 126 restaurant business plan ideas for more awesome tips from industry experts.

Don’t forget, however, that running a busy restaurant is hard work. When you grow a brisk business, it’ll be time to think about farming out tasks that are clogging your workflow. This will allow you to devote to your core tasks and work on growing your business.

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