Inactivity has become a major concern among Australian workplaces. And for good reason. A whopping rise of sedentary jobs brings accelerated health threats. Prolonged sitting is cited as a major cause of rising rates of heart disease, cancer, type-2 diabetes and early death.

Luckily, we can do something about it. A recent review published in The Lancet Journal analysed 16 studies covering one million people from the western hemisphere. The results are promising. Exercising one hour a day will help you neutralise the increased health risks linked to too much sitting.

But much to your surprise (and relief) you don’t have to break a sweat. Brisk walking or cycling should do the job. It’s your employer’s call whether they’re going to promote better wellness within the workplace. But what can you do to stay active at the office?

You’ll find your answers here. And you’re going to like them since all the workouts we’ve listed are neither too strenuous nor require expensive equipment.

Try testing out our tips one at a time. Including one of them in your office hours routine each day will help you decide which ones feel right for you. You’ll fall in love with the feeling of well being before you know it.

1. Take Baby Steps With Easy 5-Minute Office Desk Workouts

Recent scientific studies warn us that sitting down for 8 hours a day at our desk jobs increases the risks of premature death to up to 60%.

We already know an hour’s walk or cycle can be a life-saver. But what if you can’t find the time for an hour of exercise?

Well, you can start fitting in 5-minute workout breaks each hour at work. These refresher breaks will not only benefit your body. They will stimulate your brain too and improve work performance.

Remember that even the smallest increase in activity is huge progress and may yield health benefits.

Try out these no-brainer office desk exercises.

2. Get There Faster: Take the Stairs!

Choosing stairs over the elevator is a convenient and affordable way to squeeze some exercise in to your busy day. It’s also an awesome way to make your bones healthier, lose those love handles and boost your happy hormones.

New South Wales Government have got some happy news for us too. 10 minutes of stair climbing burns 500 kj, making it a high calorie burning workout compared to other moderate level physical activities. Even two flights of stairs a day can make you 6 lbs lighter over the course of a year.

3. Quick is the New Ideal

Home Fitness Guru has got a gem of an idea for you. Of course, your goal is to pack your day with as much physical activity as you can. But if an hour or a half an hour workout is unmanageable, go for 15 minutes!

Don’t make the mistake of disqualifying your day if you can’t fit your ideal workout session in.

So, learn how to sneak in a workout at your office desk with fitness coach Dolvett Quince.

4. Fun Posters for a Fun Office Workout

Doing office exercises is easy as pie.

Get this stellar office workout poster and display it in line of sight to refresh you and your co-workers’ memory.

Office Workout Poster

5. Office Chair or An Exercise Ball?

Using an exercise ball as an office chair will help improve your posture and engage your otherwise dormant core and leg muscles.

But the experts say ditching that office chair once and for all is not a smart idea. Jessica Matthews, assistant professor of exercise science at Miramar College recommends alternating between the two throughout the day.

Sitting for more than 30 minutes on an exercise ball is not recommended. And standing up to swap chairs will also help relieve the stress on your spine.

Here’s how to use the ball properly.

6. Pump Up Those Office Telephone Calls

Another way to get up from that chair is to walk while having your office phone conversations. If you have a wireless phone or a headset and an office big enough this shouldn’t be a problem.

And the gains are too good to miss. This amazing easy-to-do activity will help you get fitter, relieve your back discomfort and regain your focus.

7. Make the Most of Your Office Lunch Break

There are times that you’re going to have to stay in the office glued to your screen when working on multiple projects and finishing tight deadline tasks. Yet, it’s backed by science that we can only be in effective focus mode for a 90-minute time span.

So, split your lunch break in two, making time for a decent meal and your pleasure activity. Taking a stroll on a sunny day wherever you find a green oasis will boost your wellness levels, and increase your cognitive resources.

It’s Not the Survival of the Fittest, It’s Mutual Support

The above office workouts are easy to fit into your busy schedule.

Becoming health-conscious at work is easier with mutual support. And it’s definitely more fun when you share a few fresh wellness ideas with your co-workers. So for more exciting ideas for you and your colleagues go and check out our surprisingly easy and fun employee wellness tips.

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