Sales Executive, Sydney Branch
Anna pictured here (centre) with Daisy Ubungen and Tim Delis from the Sydney Branch

How long have you worked for Alsco?
I have had the privilege of working with Alsco since June 2017.

What time does your day start?
I like to start work early and thoroughly plan my day. I often have customer appointments as early as 7am.

What does your job currently involve?
My role as an internal Sales Executive involves developing the business of existing clients and working on prospective clients within the food and beverage, industrial, corporate and mechanical industries.

What part of the job do you enjoy the most?
I enjoy meeting new people and being given the freedom to be able to walk into any business and offer a personalised solution with our extensive product range. I’m not going to lie – it takes hard work, dedication and determination to meet your budget and qualifiers, but the commission and bonuses that reflect your results make it very rewarding.

Is there anything you think Alsco does really well?
At Alsco I am witness to the constant improvement through the implementation of 5S, HSAP, AccessEAP and Salesforce. Alsco clearly places a high priority on making positive changes to ensure a competitive edge and create a safe environment that nurtures happy employees. I really appreciate the way Alsco rewards you for your results and provides the necessary resources to ensure success.

How important is teamwork to you?
It is really important for me to cultivate a good team environment, where there is integrity, collaboration and mutual respect. I am very lucky to be working with colleagues who I respect and admire, in an environment that fosters playful competitiveness, fun, friendship and loyalty.

What sort of people inspire you?
People who have integrity, immense courage, express appreciation, are kind and driven inspire me. The most inspirational people I know would be my parents. They arrived in Australia from the Philippines 30 years ago with nothing to their names and were able to build a life here, despite all of the world’s challenges, pitfalls, adversity, changing attitudes and standards. They have always displayed hard work, compassion and kindness.

Tell us something about your working background
Having been in sales for over 14 years, I have worked as an Account Manager, Strategic Relations Manager and Business Development Manager for various industries and companies. I enjoy meeting new people – he hunt as well as the rewards. Sales is my thang!