Australian Securities and Investments Commission conducted research which showed that the number one reason for business failure is inadequate cash flow. In simpler words, this means that businesses have more expenses than earnings.

Since you are a business owner, you already have your business plan. You have predicted your expenses and your revenue and everything should be going according to your plans.

You need to keep your eye on the market and make sure your sales are good.

However, there is another way to boost your business and that is to cut down your losses. There are some obvious, direct ways you can do this. Things like ensuring the lowest prices of your raw materials, if you are a manufacturer or being frugal with your recipes if you are a restaurant owner. You already know all about these.

Here is something you probably haven’t thought about. Anti fatigue mats can indirectly boost your business. By positioning them in critical places, you will shift the levers that will help you on the long run.

Read up on the 7 ways anti fatigue mats help your business grow:

1. Less Back-Related Injuries

A lot of back injuries that happen in the workplace are actually a consequence of prolonged standing. Standing means your joints suffer and your back carries the entire weight of your body for a significant number of hours. It all starts with your feet.



By placing a significant number of anti fatigue floor mats around your workplace, you will ensure that your employees are more comfortable and their backs hurt less.

How does this save you money? Just think about all those sick days that people have to take due to bad backs. They cost you money. With anti fatigue matting, there will be a lot less of those.

2. Quicker Service and Better Turnover

Quick service and a better turnover sound amazing, don’t they? These are especially important in retail businesses or in bars and restaurants. The quicker and more agile your servers are, the bigger your turnover will be.

However, tired and hurt servers cannot be that quick. A sore back and sore joints prevent them from doing their job the way they want to. Again, anti fatigue floor mats save the day.

Less stress on your employee backs and joints will make them quicker. That means a lot more coffees, drinks and meals served and, more importantly, paid for.

3. Reduced Number of Infections in Workplace

Your anti fatigue mats are also rubber backed mats. They stick to the surface very well and they help prevent the spread of bacteria and other germs all over your workplace. This is especially important for workplace hygiene.

Workplace hygiene is the only thing that stands between workplace epidemics and your employees. Anti fatigue matting is one of the strong barriers that help your hygienic efforts.

How does that save you money? Again – sick days. But that’s not all. If there is a talk that your restaurant, office, retail business or a bar is riddled with infections on a regular basis, your business will shut down instantly.

4. Less Slipping and Accidents

Here is another feature of your regular anti fatigue mat that is not its primary function. Anti fatigue matting has a hold grip to the floor, due to its material. A mat that doesn’t twist and turn and helps you avoid slipping which also helps you avoid sick days for your staff.

alsco floor mat


Anti fatigue matting also makes people stand strong on their feet and get less tired and reckless. That is another way how it prevents slips and accidents.

5. Reduced Workload for Your Cleaning Staff

Some businesses have cleaning staff that they hire on full-time basis. Others outsource these tasks to external companies. There are also those that simply delegate the cleaning duties to their otherwise appointed staff.

Wiping the floors and dusting the shelves is one thing. Taking care of the anti fatigue floor mats that have been used throughout the day is another.

By renting your anti fatigue matting from Alsco, you will reduce the workload for your cleaning staff as industrial-level cleaning is included in your rental price. This saves a lot on cleaning bills.

6. Boosted Employee Satisfaction

People like to work for successful companies. That helps them feel their work is meaningful, they worry less about their future and they are more satisfied in general.

If you manage to run a successful business, your employees will feel better and work better and that leads to more success. You just need to get that ball rolling.

Another thing that boosts employee satisfaction is good working conditions. If you install anti fatigue mats for those that spend hours standing, they sure will appreciate it.


Therefore, with anti fatigue mats, you end up with satisfied employees who become more productive and you earn more. Again, these mats are saving you money indirectly.

7. Improved Workplace Ambiance

It is not just your employees who enjoy a workplace that is well designed and properly equipped. Your customers, clients and other visitors will take your business more seriously if it looks professional.

Details like anti-fatigue matting are just the thing that separates an average business from a business that takes care of every detail. Decide which business you want to run and make sure your venues reflect your decision.

Renting your anti-fatigue mats is the best possible example of how by paying a price, you are actually earning money for your business. All these 7 benefits of the anti fatigue mats save you money in the long run.

In other words, purchasing these mats doesn’t mean that a sum of money will magically appear in your bank account. That is why it would not be the best idea to invest in them right away. A much better and a much more lucrative option is to rent them.

You should call Alsco and talk to our representatives. They will let you know what your monthly rental cost would be. This price includes the maintenance and regular industrial-level cleaning of these mats. Once you have those numbers, it would be easy to calculate how much money anti-fatigue mats are saving you. Call Alsco today.

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