Dust is nothing, right? Well, if you are eager to answer “yes” to this question, you should think again. Dust can be far more dangerous than you think.

Doctors will tell you that inhaling a lot of dust on a daily basis can be harmful to your health.

We’ll let them discuss that further, but the “dusty” topic we can tackle is – how does dust hurt your business.

What makes Alsco an authority on this subject? Well, we’ve spent decades working in an industry that deals with keeping other businesses safe, healthy and clean on so many levels. We have seen businesses come and go and we have seen the effects of poor as well as flawless hygiene.

That is why we are eager to share with you 5 ways dust can kill your profits. Even better, we will show you one of the ways you can reduce the amount of dust in your workplace. But, let’s start with why should you even care about how dusty your workplace is:

Dust Contains Germs

Research shows that dust in your home contains around 9000 different microbes. There are also 2000 types of fungi present. Not all of them are dangerous and not all of them can hurt your health. Now, this is home dust. Mostly, only your family frequents your home, possibly pets, as well.

Now, imagine how many of these germs are present in a workplace that gets visited by a lot more people than your home. Again, not all of those germs and fungi are dangerous to your health, but there are some that can cause respiratory issues.

What does that have to do with profits?

If your employees are ill due to a bacterial infection or other airborne contaminants that find their way into your workplace via dust, you will face two negative effects.

The first one is that those ill employees will try to power through their illness. Don’t encourage them to do so. They should rest. Moreover, they will contaminate others, as well. Even if they work, their productivity will be decrease.

The second one is your employees staying home until they get better. This is definitely a better option for their health and it should be encouraged. However, this will cost you in terms of sick leave.

In other words, too much dust in your workplace can leave you with employees on sick leave or struggling, sick employees with reduced productivity. Either way, it’s your profits that will suffer.

Dust Causes Allergies

Some allergies are less severe while others can be much more dangerous. Dust allergies can turn into a severe reaction that can even trigger asthma attacks. A dust allergy is actually an allergy to dust mites.

Doctors may suggest that patients who have dust allergies remove carpets and similar items that help dust mites survive. They also recommend excellent floor hygiene. That is why your workplace needs dust control mats.

Allergic reactions are pesky and annoying when they are in their mildest form. They mean a runny nose, irritated eyes and similar flu-like symptoms. Can you imagine suffering from reactions such as these and giving your best in the workplace? Of course not.

This drop in productivity will definitely be noticeable in terms of profit. That is why it is important for your workplace to have a strict no-dust policy if you have allergy prone employees. Dust control mats are a great start.

Dust Hurts Your Electronics

How much money have you invested in computers and other electronic devices for your workplace? Probably a lot. They are necessary tools for your work, but only if they are working well.

Dust can slow down and damage your electronics and can be one of your biggest budget drainers. When you put the costs of electronic maintenance on paper, is it significant? Does it increase over time?

How does dust hurt your electronics, you may wonder. Well, everything that has coolers and filters, like your PC can get clogged. Once that happens, the temperature inside the device rises. A higher temperature leads to overheating and overheating leads to malfunctions that are hard to fix.

Also, some of the dust may be corrosive. In that case, your switches, contacts, sliding potentiometers and such can be destroyed.

Dust Increases The Need For More Frequent Filter Replacements

“Which filters?” you may ask. The answer is “All of them!” If you have a filter in your workplace, dust will cut its lifespan short. Most commonly, when we’re talking about filters, we are referring to air conditioning. After all, these are the filters that have to process most of the air you and your employees are inhaling.

When packed with dust, those filters need to be replaced sooner than expected. Not doing so means you are increasing the risk of a respiratory infection avalanche in your workplace. Not to mention that an air conditioner that works with constantly clogged filters will soon break down.

Dust Turns to Mud

Nobody likes doing business with a company that isn’t able to keep their workplace clean. Dusty, dirty and muddy entrances prevent you from leaving a good first impression. You need good entrance mats, so that dust doesn’t go any further.

For that to happen, your entry mat needs to be an effective dust control mat that prevents the dust from spreading around. Moreover, if the dust comes into contact with any sort of liquid, you know what happens – it turns into mud. You don’t want that in your workplace.

Luckily, there is a very easy way to find entrance mats that keep dust at bay without making a huge investment. Think – rental mats.

Alsco has amazing and efficient dust control mats that we rent for a monthly fee. A flat monthly fee gets you all the entrance mats you want as well as regular cleaning.

You don’t have to think about them at all once you make an agreement with our Alsco representatives. Contact them now and solve your dust problems today!