You have probably already heard about Steve Jobs’ fascination with office designs that could lead to a more productive and upbeat workplace.

One of the things he thought about is the position of the office washrooms.

Namely, he wanted to build a big atrium and place all of the office washrooms in the middle.

Jobs hoped to achieve more communication and collaboration between employees.

This gets us thinking about how important office washrooms really are. Some offices and companies really go that extra mile when designing their washrooms.

However, you don’t have to invest in an entire office washroom makeover. You can just start with small additions. They will increase employee satisfaction, improve office hygiene and make your place of business a more pleasant place to work.

For starters, you should introduce hand sanitisers, hand drying solutions and towels of both kinds: hand paper towels and cloth hand towels. You don’t have to buy all of these either. You can contact Alsco and rent all of these items from us. We will install them and replenish them regularly for a flat monthly fee.

Start there, and one day, you may be in position to remodel your office bathrooms like some of these big companies.

1. Red Bull, Amsterdam

The entire office building of Red Bull in Amsterdam is a true architectural work of art. The daring and amazing lines are in style with the company product. The same adjectives can be used to describe the office toilets. The edgy mosaics on the office bathroom walls are truly something to look at.

2. Old Victorian Malt House, Cardiff

This bright and spacious office washroom in the Old Victorian Malt House is wonderfully designed. The white walls with metal, stone and floating mirrors are very interesting. However, this is not the only upside to this washroom. It also has everything that a washroom should have, including hand sanitisers and hand dryers.

3. Viva Wallet, Athens

There is so much to talk about when it comes to the fantastic design of Viva Wallet in Athens. Everything from a quirky, solitary office in an indoor trailer to the minimalist TV room. The office washroom is not an exception.

What is interesting about it are the lights. Strong pink and blue neon lights are the only lighting in these washrooms and they make for a really interesting choice.

4. Google, Tel Aviv

When it comes to quirky and interesting office design ideas, it is impossible to skip Google. This company doesn’t disappoint even when it comes to office washrooms.

The Tel Aviv office looks like there is a real forest inside. The same goes for the washrooms. The natural look is combined with modern washroom equipment like hand sanitisers.

5. T-Mobile, Warshaw

The Mens office washroom at T-Mobile in Warshaw features dark walls with space ships on them. This interesting design is sure to put a smile on employees’ faces when they visit the restroom. Of course, design is less important if the functionality is lacking. Notice the fully stacked hand paper towel dispenser.

6., Cirencester

The capital investment from in refurbishing a real castle and turning it into a contemporary office space has been in the news for some time. This jaw-dropping design features several office washrooms, but one of the most interesting ones is the steampunk design. The white and blue colours are combined with eye-catching ornaments and brass details.

7. McCann Worldgroup, Madrid

McCann is a worldwide advertising agency with offices all over the world. The Madrid offices have been designed by Studio Banana. The offices are lively and truly remarkable and the office washrooms don’t disappoint either. They are painted in bright and intense colours, featuring minimalist design.

All of the supporting equipment like hand sanitisers and hand drying options are minimalist and blend into their surroundings.

8. Tulip Infratech, Gurgaon

The office washrooms in this Indian company have a wonderful, luxurious feel. They have wall and floor tiles that resemble black marble. This is combined with black and golden mirror frames and details.

The transparent glass door that leads from the washroom into the toilet cabin adds a barrier between the rich sink and the toilets.

9. Mail Ru Games, St. Petersburg

The Nord Studio of Games has its headquarters in St. Petersburg. The offices have a contemporary design and the entire theme is vibrant, active and enticing. The office washrooms are also created in line with this playful design. The walls of the toilets are covered with comic book panels. Who knows when inspiration can strike?

Maybe seeing these amazing designs will give you some excellent ideas about how you can improve your workplace washrooms. Your next thought is probably the budget you would need for such an endeavour. You don’t have to start big with your renovation project.

You can start with making your office washrooms more comfortable and go from there. This involves hand sanitisers, preferably an alcohol hand sanitiser for workplaces that involve tasks that are a bit dirtier. Also, hand paper towels or cloth hand towels and different hand drying options.

This doesn’t have to be a big investment. It can be as simple as paying an affordable monthly flat rate fee. Contact Alsco and you will never have to worry about your washroom. Hand drying is just one of many excellent washroom improvements that you can make in cooperation with Alsco Australia. Check what they are.

Photo courtesy of flickr by Corley Woolley