Why do you think people come to your restaurant? For a meal? Yes, partly due to your excellent cuisine. But, is that the only reason?

People go to restaurants because they want to have a nice experience.

In most cases, people will go to a restaurant they already have in mind.

They’ve either already had a nice experience with that venue or it has come recommended. However, there are those who don’t have a set idea of where to eat.

That is exactly why you need to step up your curb appeal. Make your restaurant a place that people notice and walk into. How you ask? Here is some good and sound advice from those who have been in the restaurant business for years.

Make the Entrance Spotlessly Clean

There is nothing more off-putting to restaurant patrons than dirt. All your effort to create the perfect menu, excellent interior and amazing service will go to waste if your restaurant looks shabby and dirty from the outside.

You only have one chance to leave a good first impression and your customers’ first impression is what they see from the outside. Be sure to:

  • Clean the driveway and the facade regularly
  • Make sure any bins are emptied frequently and are out of sight
  • Have spotlessly clean doors
  • Have spotlessly clean glass windows and other glass elements
  • Ensure a perfectly clean entrance by using entrance mats

Get Visible and Interesting Signage

Once your potential customers enter the street in which your restaurant is located, they should not have to look twice to find it. You need smart, well-designed and interesting signs pointing patrons to your restaurant. They also need to be in style with the rest of your theme.

Neons signs can be fun. They are effective and you can either go with a contemporary or vintage theme. On the other hand, your restaurant doesn’t have to have flashing bright lights in order to have a nice storefront. You can achieve a similar effect in other ways. Which leads us to this next idea:

Introduce Some Wall Art If Possible

This will work for some restaurants but won’t for others. Urban, contemporary and modern restaurants could certainly benefit from displaying trendy street art both outside and inside their establishment.

If you are going for a classy, elegant, red carpet entrance theme, you should go for a more classical design that your patrons expect from your type of establishment.

Add Greenery to Your Entrance

This is an excellent choice for restaurants located in major metro areas. Also for those that have small windows or are not obvious from the street. Greenery will also tone down dark colours and sharp, minimalist lines.

Be sure to take care of your plants. They need to be lush and lovely. Dried out and half-dead pot plants are a big no-no. Alternatively, you could opt for artificial plants, as there are some very life-like options now available.

Display Your Menu

Your menu should be on display next to the entrance mat that leads into your restaurant, so that any potential patrons can decide if your establishment is right for them. This allows them to see your price range and make a decision on the spot.

What you gain from displaying your menu on the street:

  • You save time as the customer usually already has some idea of what they want to eat upon entry.
  • You save time on seating customers who later decide your menu doesn’t appeal to them.

Roll Out a Welcome Carpet or Mat

What beats the red carpet? Nothing! A red carpet placed at the entrance of your restaurant is bound to attract customers. Especially those that are looking to enjoy some fine dining.

Alternatively, a more subtle entrance mat can also work really well.

The red carpet and entry mat idea is a welcoming gesture that adds class and improves the overall dining experience of your patrons.

We recommend that your welcome mat is also an effective dust control mat, which will help prevent people from walking dirt into your establishment.

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