2020 is the year of the environment. More and more individuals are becoming aware and eager to learn about the fragility of the environment and how they can protect it. 90% of Australians are concerned about the environment and its sustainability. With 85% of the Australian population living along the coastline, we’re surrounded with natural beauty everywhere. Companies are scurridly assessing their input resources, outgoing products and business processes, examining if they can be more environmentally friendly in any areas of the business. Individuals are willing to spend more on certain brands if they are environmentally friendly, allowing them to believe they’re doing their part to help the planet. 

Our latest environmentally friendly actions include:

  • Decreased energy usage of our newest facilities by 63%
  • Using up to 50% less water and 30% less chemicals by improving our water reuse systems
  • Creating and using more optimal delivery routes for lower gas consumption, emissions, and overall carbon footprint
  • Offering 100% PVC-free mats and facility products and adhering to the strict standards and certifications of Green Seal, Eco Logo, Design for the Environment, Enviro Kleen, and the National Floor Safety Institute.

We’ve also created an Ecosafe Washer, where oil and grease are turned into water and carbon dioxide (bio remediation). Reducing the need for harmful solvents, our Ecosafe Washer ensures a safer workplace where you can clean soiled parts without breathing in or touching dangerous hydrocarbons. With the non-solvent, there are no possible side effects which can harm individuals, while reducing the need for waste disposal and any further contamination. Alsco’s Ecosafe Washer is the safer, economical solution for cleaning oils and greases off mechanical parts without harming the environment.

At Alsco, we also provide a managed rental uniform service. Our rented uniforms are washed and repaired professionally, ensuring they last longer than traditional uniforms or any uniforms maintained by your employees. Having uniforms that last longer is one way of conserving resources and taking care of the environment. 

We are all about helping Australian businesses, the community and the environment. We are constantly working on how we can improve our products and services to help the environment. We’re here to help you create cleaner and healthier workplaces, which benefits your staff and the environment.