Hand hygiene is an absolute MUST for any business.

There are so many options available to improve one’s hand hygiene, ranging from hand sanitisers to soap dispensers. For industrial workplaces, hand hygiene becomes more paramount since workers often have to clean oily, greasy surfaces or machine parts on a regular basis. This means dealing with lots of harmful bacteria and chemicals which can damage your workers’ health and safety.

However, not many people understand that to eliminate these germs, we need to use effective hand-drying mechanisms. Not only does proper hand-drying remove dirt from the hands and enhance cleanliness, they also remove microorganisms from the skin surface which come from the initial hand-washing. In other words, this hand-drying prevents any dirt or microbes from being re-deposited back onto the skin.

That’s why Alsco provides businesses with the Continuous Hand Towel option – for quick, economical and hygienic hand-drying. When it comes to drying our hands, cloth towelling is a fantastic way to maximise comfort and absorbency. In fact, international research has actually proven that a majority of people prefer to dry their hands using cloth towels, rather than the paper towel alternative.

Compared to Continuous Hand Towels, hand dryers are also not the most effective and hygienic method since many people often leave the restroom with their hands still damp. This lingering moisture contains bacteria which means a greater chance of infection. On the other hand, Continuous Hand Towels enable your hands to be completely dry and bacteria-free. Additionally, unlike with disposable towels, the germs are contained within the cloth towel cabinet instead of the trash cans or on the floor.

By using Continuous Hand Towels, you truly are opting for a great hygienic option in the workplace. Alsco’s Continuous Hand Towels provide extremely quick drying for the hands, which ensures a more thorough clean and minimises the risk of bacterial cross-contamination.

Additional features of the Continuous Hand Towels include:

  • Absorbent, hygienic, fresh and soft
  • Easy to use cabinet system
  • Avoid overflowing bins and the inconvenience of empty dispensers
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Average of 200 uses per towel

These cloth towel dispensers also provide a more efficient method for people to dry their hands. They contain separate chambers for the new and used portion of the towel, which ensures that there is no contact and creates an unparalleled hygienic environment. During cleaning, towels are processed at over 150°C to ensure complete sterilisation.

Aside from being very hygienic and efficient, cloth towels are also immensely eco-friendly, with less than half the environmental impact of paper towels, using up to 63% less energy, and creating 48% less greenhouse gases and up to 79% less waste.

Since Alsco’s Continuous Hand Towels are manually operated and don’t use electricity (unlike hand-dryers), your business won’t have to spend excess costs on energy bills, while also reducing pollution and deforestation. Not only will you be picking the best hygienic option for hand-drying, you’ll be helping the Earth!

Need Continuous Hand Towels for your Business?

If you want to get your hands on our special Continuous Hand Towels, Alsco’s Managed Rental Service is the cost-effective alternative to buying.

We eliminate the need for large capital outlay and keep your equipment maintained, replenished and up-to-date. Our economical solution ensures that you will avoid any purchasing, re-ordering and storage costs, with the available supplies delivered punctually whenever you need it!