With the emergence of COVID-19, it has never been more important to promote cleanliness and hygiene in the workplace. While social restrictions are relaxing and businesses are gradually returning back to work, Alsco has created a high-quality range of essential products designed to help you feel more confident about your work environment.

This product catalogue steps outside of our traditional portfolio and we are delighted to make them available to you, so that you can take precautionary measures which can readily prevent the spread of COVID-19, while also enhancing the health and wellbeing of all your stakeholders. 

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Message Mats 

Keeping your workplace safe, clean and hygienic is one of the top priorities right now. Yet, many businesses fail to properly enforce social distancing policies and hand hygiene reminders to their staff, which can make them more susceptible to the dangers of COVID-19.

There’s no better way to protect your workers than by using visual cues, captivating symbols and well-designed signs. Alsco’s brand new Message Mat enables your business to get back on its feet. We have 4 different designs for your choosing, each intended to promote physical distancing rules and remind employees to wash their hands.  These bold, attention-grabbing designs will effortlessly make sure your staff and customers maintain hygiene levels at all times. 

Hand Sanitiser & Stands 

Hand sanitisers are one the best defences against COVID-19. When a person coughs or sneezes, the highly contagious virus is released as respiratory droplets into the air, which can land on surfaces or objects. Since individuals often make physical contact with our surroundings, this can lead to a huge spread of infection. 

Safe Work Australia recommends that you get an alcohol-based hand sanitiser with at least 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol as the active ingredient. The sanitiser must be used as per the manufacturer’s instructions when it is not possible to wash and dry hands. 

Alsco’s new Hand Sanitiser is available for your business’s back to work needs and meets all the stipulated hygiene requirements. We have even included a Hand Sanitiser Stand, which can be carefully placed around your workplace entrances and exits for optimal cleanliness. If you don’t have access to hand sanitisers, it is highly recommended that you place posters near handwashing facilities showing how to correctly wash (with soap and water) and dry hands. 

Washable Reusable Face Masks 

While single-use disposable face masks offer you protection against COVID-19, they are extremely wasteful and can become very costly in the long-run. Additionally, these face masks are used primarily for the pharmaceutical and chemical-processing industries, where they can be easily disposed of in a heavily controlled medical setting. 

As a result, reusable cloth face masks are being manufactured due to high demand and to reduce any supply burdens for those crucial health-related industries. By using a washable reusable face mask, you can return back to work with greater confidence with the knowledge that you are contributing to environmental sustainability and supporting the health sector. Check out Alsco’s washable reusable face masks and contact us for more info! 

Surface Sanitiser

Surface sanitisers act as an invisible armour cleansing the vulnerable spaces in your business and preventing your employees from becoming infected. These antibacterial sanitisers can be applied on all kinds of surfaces and equipment, a perfect hospital-grade solution for your back to work business needs. 

With Alsco’s brand new Surface Sanitiser, you are able to clean targeted areas of your workplace, including kitchen benchtops and sinks, food processing areas, office printers, industrial machinery, door handles, and so much more. Minimise the risk of infection and bacterial contamination by effectively cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting thoroughly. Combine this powerful solution with our premium, specially designed microfibre wipes

Infrared Thermometers

Infrared thermometers are unique digital thermometers that can measure the temperature of a surface from a distance ranging from a few inches to several feet. They must be verified by the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). Most handheld infrared thermometers include a laser to help aim the device, meaning that your employees can be easily trained to use this tool around the workplace to detect any positive COVID-19 cases.

Infrared thermometers are often used as a cost-effective substitute for thermal imaging cameras, yet they perform just as well. Other than identifying whether any of your staff or customers have contracted COVID-19, they can be used to detect hot or cold spots on walls, ceiling and duct systems. With Alsco’s Infrared Thermometers, you can easily prepare yourself for the gradual return to business. 

Sneeze Guards 

A sneeze guard is another effective product which will prepare your business for a post COVID-19 work environment. It is a barrier (typically made out of plastic or glass) that is intended to curb the spread of germs, especially from sneezing or coughing, which are the main triggers for airborne virus contagion. 

Sneeze guards are effective for public spaces, such as salad bars, food counters and buffets in restaurants. They prevent food and people from being exposed to respiratory droplets, which are released via nasal or oral excretion. The guards are transparent, still enabling you to socialise with others while maintaining the necessary physical defences against COVID-19. If your business operates in the food preparation and hospitality industry, this product is highly recommended. 

Disposable Gloves 

While washing your hands with soap and water (or using hand sanitiser) is still the best control measure against COVID-19, disposable gloves are also useful for certain practices such as food handling and preparation, cleaning, agriculture, healthcare and manufacturing. Depending on your business, you’ll need to undertake a risk assessment to examine if your workplace would benefit from using gloves. 

According to Safe Work Australia, if gloves are not used appropriately, they can pose a risk of spreading germs and endangering workers. When a person wears gloves, they may come into contact with germs which can be transmitted to other objects or their face. As a precaution, gloves are not a substitute for frequent hand washing.  

It is important that gloves are replaced regularly. Multi-purpose gloves should be washed and stored according to the manufacturer’s instructions or workplace policy. Disposable gloves should not be re-used and multi-purpose gloves should not be shared between workers. 

Check out Alsco’s disposable gloves in our new essentials range.

Personal Protection Kits 

With the prevalence of COVID-19 news and warnings, you may have come across the term Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This equipment basically includes essential garments and workwear designed to protect health care workers or any individual from getting infected. 

Some examples of PPE include: gloves, face masks, sterilised gowns, coveralls, overshoes (shoe covers), goggles, respirators, head covering or rubber boots. 

You can check out Cleanroom Garments for more PPE products. Alsco’s personal protection kits allow you to seamlessly return to work and get back to business. Our kits contain all the necessary personal protective equipment to help you manoeuvre these challenging times and create a safe, hygienic environment for everyone. Together, we can work towards rebuilding our businesses and fighting the coronavirus.

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