With growing concerns for the environment and workers’ health, it is important that businesses adapt to create new, innovative products which minimise any negative impacts.

Aqueous or water-based parts washers are becoming an increasingly popular and eco-friendly alternative for businesses. Compared to solvent washers which clean parts using petroleum-based contaminants (that are toxic, flammable and polluting), water-based parts washers are much safer and effective, since they use aqueous, non-toxic and water-based cleaning fluids. It’s high performance cleaning liquid cleans tough grease and oil and then recycles it into water and CO2, leaving you with clean parts and minimal waste.

By using a water-based parts washer, your business will also foster a safe and comfortable environment for your employees. You’ll minimise any harmful chemicals in cleaning solutions, which are notorious for causing adverse illnesses and hazardous injuries on workers such as breathing difficulties, headaches, skin irritations (dermatitis) and loss of motor function. 

How does it work?

A 100% natural alternative, Alsco’s Ecosafe Washer is the perfect water-based parts washer for your business. This unique Ecosafe washer utilises a process called bioremediation, where grease and oil are converted to carbon dioxide and water. 

Biological agents, such as microbes or plants, are used to neutralise hazardous substances and contaminants. This ensures a safer workplace where you clean mechanical parts without breathing or soaking your hands in dangerous hydrocarbons. 

The process of bioremediation is listed as one of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) innovative technologies.

The Alsco Ecosafe Washer is particularly ideal for engine cleaning and industrial parts cleaning. You won’t have to worry about your employee’s health being jeopardised since there are no harmful chemicals and fumes, while also being non-toxic and non-flammable. The non-solvent washer guarantees that there are no side-effects from volatile solvents. Even better, no waste disposal is required so you can significantly reduce your business’s eco-footprint! 

Many mechanics have been opting in for this amazing product since not only is it environmentally sustainable while prioritising workers’ health and safety, it also effectively cleans brake parts without damaging rubber seals or corroding metal. The Ecosafe Washer is easily transported around the workshop unlike solvent units. This makes it the ideal washer for reducing OH&S hazards around the workplace. 

The Alsco Ecosafe Washer contains a sturdy and robust tank which can hold up to 250kg of parts. There are no sharp edges on the sides of the tank, and its convenient height allows for easy loading and unloading of machine parts. 

Alsco’s Ecosafe Washer is the best solution for your business!

Why buy when you can rent? Alsco’s Managed Rental Service is designed to give you a peace-of-mind, with no large upfront costs. Under this program, you’ll pay a convenient and fixed monthly fee – no capital outlay required!

You don’t need to service, fix or maintain any equipment provided. Alsco will visit your business regularly to ensure that the Ecosafe Washer is working perfectly. Our weekly services include topping up liquid, checking the fluid temperature is optimal, checking pump, heater and aerator operation, cleaning the uni and a yearly desludge of the Eco Safe Washer.

So why hesitate? For a demonstration fill in the form or call 1300 136 784.