The workplace environment has a huge impact on your employee’s wellbeing. If businesses can create comfortable spaces, this can yield great results for the overall happiness and productivity of staff. And yet…we rarely ever consider the potential of floor mats in creating the most optimal workplace. Find out below why floor mats can substantially improve your staffs’ wellbeing! 

They reduce fatigue and discomfort 

Staff may be constantly on their feet all day long, whether this be in a corporate office or industrial warehouse. People who work in certain occupations will have it tougher than others, yet every employee will ultimately go through this discomfort at some point. Even standing in the same spot for extremely long periods can negatively impact your staffs’ wellbeing! This includes fatigue, leg and back pain, tiredness and aching muscles. 

By installing anti-fatigue floor mats in your workplace, particularly in critical spots such as high-use industrial areas and high-traffic areas in building entrances or exits, you can enhance your staff’s overall comfort, safety and wellbeing. These anti-fatigue floor mats are specially designed with underfoot cushioning, textured grip and bevelled edges for maximum safety. 

They keep you safe and sound

Floor mats not only reduce fatigue, they are a fantastic way of keeping your workers safe and sound. Wet Area floor mats can minimise the risk of any accidents by making wet areas and slick floors less slippery. This feature is especially advantageous around bathroom or kitchen areas, where there tends to be a lot of moisture and liquid substances. Every business can benefit from having wet area floor mats in the workplace, especially those dealing with food and beverages, or chemicals.

Constructed from durable, quick-drying, anti-microbial rubber, these mats are highly resistant to oils, solvents and water. Aside from eliminating potential hazards, wet area floor mats also typically have incredible anti-fatigue properties, which can alleviate any stress felt by your staff. Enhancing the wellbeing and safety of your workers should be one of the biggest priorities of any business, so why not install a wet area mat to help you achieve these goals? 

They improve hygiene and cleanliness 

Many commercial buildings and facilities have a lot of foot traffic, meaning that all kinds of harmful dirt and liquids can be brought inside. Not only does this endanger your employee’s safety by increasing the risk of slippery falls, it generates nasty bacteria and germs which could seriously harm your employee’s health and wellbeing in the long-run. 

Floor mats can tackle this issue because they possess unique absorption properties that enable them to trap 80% of dirt, dust and liquids in your workplace. These dust control and floor protection mats can be strategically placed in your front doorways, hallway entrances and busy work areas. With these floor mats, your staff (and clients) will be protected from accidents, while your workplace will look more sharp and professional. 

Want to increase your staff wellbeing and boost productivity? 

Alsco’s Floor Care solutions will provide your business with the essentials – this includes floor protection, dust and dirt control to anti-fatigue options. These high-quality and innovative floor mats will reduce cleaning costs while keeping your staff happy, safe and comfortable above all. 

Our managed rental service means that your mats will be laundered, dried and delivered straight to your door on a regular basis — a great way to keep your workplace clean and your staff safe!