No matter what line of work you are in, your hands will get dirty. This is especially true of industrial workplaces where employee’s hands are exposed to many materials besides a computer keyboard. Hands get dirty even when they don’t look dirty, such as when they are exposed to detergents and cleaners or after touching anything from door handles and the mail, to kiosk screens and water fountains. Ok, ok, germs are germy and we all need some exposure to the world’s germs to strengthen our immune systems. But there are some steps you can take to make your workplace safer and cleaner.

1. Remind employees of the importance of washing their hands.

World Hand Hygiene Day was May 5, 2023 but reminding staff to wash their hands frequently can happen anytime. Especially since most humans are shockingly bad at remembering to wash their hands! A funny video about someone who doesn’t wash their hands, like in this scene from an old “Seinfeld” episode, can work wonders to remind people of the ick factor of not washing your hands.

2. Know When to Wash Hands

Most people who work in the trades accept that their hands get dirty and know to wash them when they do look dirty. But the top example listed by Healthdirect Australia of when to wash your hands is when they are visibly dirty. (We were shocked, too.) There are lots of other times to wash hands, like after using the toilet or handling anything that could be contaminated. Visibly dirty hands, though, that’s your winner in the “wash ‘em now” contest.

3. Sign Up for Continuous Towel Service

Did you know that not drying your hands after washing them can undo all the benefits of washing your hands? Make it easy for employees to wash and dry their hands with managed service of continuous towels. The comfort and absorbency of cloth towels is unmatched. Even better, Alsco Continuous Towels dry hands faster than other types of towels, meaning less chance of contamination and a cleaner workplace. Our towel rental service is win-win.

Let’s discuss ideas for how can Alsco can support healthy hand hygiene at your workplace.