Did you know that falls are the leading cause of injury death in Australia? According to the Queensland government, who compiled the statistics, falls account for 37% of all deaths in Australia. From the same report, “the causes of falls are slipping, tripping and stumbling on the same level.” That is, the leading cause of injury death in Australia is not falling from a ladder or a stair or a roof, but simply falling to the floor you might have just been walking on.

According to Safe Work Australia, floor mats and dust mats, when properly placed, and having a clear procedure for using them, can make the workplace safer. Mats offer slip resistance and can also highlight areas where walkers should take a bit more care.

Dirt Control in the Workplace

Especially in workplaces where dust and dirt are hazards, dirt control mats add a layer of safety for workers. Alsco’s Evolution Mats don’t appear high tech but offer built-in safety features to optimise for safety for different types of your workplace flooring. Importantly, our sturdy dust mat backing lays flat all the time, reducing trip risk – lighter mats slide and move too easily. A Safety Message Mat acts as a reminder in places where trips are common.

Better for the Planet Dust Mats

Australia’s Earth Hour asks us to take the time to reflect on how to create a better future for people and planet. One step we’ve taken at Alsco is developing a mat using 100% recycled PET fibres. PET plastic, from which the fibres are made, is designed to be reused – it is versatile and literally made to be remade. Alsco’s Dustop Mats are made using recycled PET plastic bottles, effectively trapping dirt and dust..

Alsco’s Dustop Mats are win-win, creating a safer environment for people and utilising an abundant plastic already in our environment.

Let’s discuss ideas for how Alsco mats can support a safer, dust-free workplace.