Comfortable uniforms are nothing new – as far back as the 1940’s, airlines sought to stand out from the crowd while keeping their staff comfortable on long flights, designing comfortable uniforms that didn’t sacrifice style. The idea of comfortable clothes for work soon moved into office work culture. Vogue Australia recently called out local designers with chic and timely wardrobe staples, a kind of modern uniform for many workplaces. The desire for comfortable uniforms even made it into the ranks of Australian creatives, who create their own work uniforms that are versatile and comfortable.

No matter the industry, uniforms of all types are here to stay. Luckily, the technology that makes everything from tradie work pants to chef jackets and medical scrubs more comfortable is keeping up with our very human desire to be comfortable and look good while we work.

Make It Comfortable

Keeping staff happy in their workwear is a smart business decision and the best uniforms are those that employees “forget about” during their day. Comfortable uniforms allow staff to focus on their work, not their scratchy shirt. Designed to flex and breathe, Alsco’s uniforms, from high visibility work shirts and utility pants, to ultra-clean uniforms suitable for the pharmaceutical industry, are made from a sturdy blend of cotton and polyester that help wick moisture and keep humans cool on even on the hottest, most humid days of summer. Strategically placed mesh panels help, too.

Thanks to some neat fabric blends, even industrial-friendly rip-stop fabrics move moisture away from the body and keep uniforms looking sharp, even at the end of a long shift. Their durability extends to colour – our fabrics are designed for industrial laundry and hold onto colour longer. Alsco’s high visibility work and engineering shirts are popular for a reason: exceptional visibility and proven to be comfortable by the people that wear them.

The Best Tradie Work Pants

Not every tradie needs high-visibility workwear but we suspect wearing pants to work is a good idea, no matter where you work. Our industrial and high-visibility pants have built-in flex panels to help prevent chafing and rubbing every time the wearer bends, squats or kneels. We think most wearers appreciate the wide and insanely durable belt loops and reinforced stitching where it counts the most. It’s these little hidden details that make the difference in our comfortable, long-lasting uniforms.

What you wear to work matters. Like airlines and clothing designers, your business has unique uniform needs. We can help you sort the itchy and scratchy from the ‘aaaaah, that feels good’ fabrics. Our tried and tested uniforms rank high in comfort. Let Alsco help make a difference in your team’s success. Choose comfort.