Designed to reduce fatigue from standing for long stretches of time, antifatigue mats (or, more properly, anti-fatigue mats) are designed to do exactly what their name implies – to reduce weariness. Standing for long periods of time can be tough on the body, especially the lower limbs. Anti-fatigue mats can counteract the effects of standing by providing needed cushioning and support for employees’ backs and legs. They are effective in wet environments, too, where mats can be utilised as a defence against slips and falls.

Basic Antifatigue Mats

Because mats are so functional and supportive, many places of business use them where customers cannot see them – behind the register in retail or coffee shops, in the kitchen at restaurants, or anywhere a job requires long hours of standing. In these hidden locations, basic antifatigue mats, like our cushy Evolution Anti-fatigue Mat, don’t need personality and are available in shades of grey and black. (The better to not see the stains, my dear.) Employees love them for their built-in ability to reduce foot and back pain. Owners love them because they boost employee safety and happiness and last a long time.

Can Cute Mats be Basic?

Basic doesn’t have to be bland. The newer definition of basic as “only interested in things mainstream, popular, or trendy,” is a good way to describe Alsco’s mats because they look good and are popular with businesses. Businesses especially like our mats for the professional appearance they project and additional layer of safety they offer on slippery floors or uneven surfaces. You could say that personalised, cute mats are very basic.  

Anyway, anti-fatigue mats are not the right solution for every workplace. Maybe your company needs something basic but also fun (which still means fun) or on-brand. A personalised mat may be the right solution. With a choice of backing suitable for hard or carpeted surfaces, personalised mats are designed to look great and limit wear and tear while reducing the risk of slips and trips in transitional spaces. We will work with you to meet your size and design requirements.

Personalised mats are an included part of Alsco’s managed service, too – we’ll pick up, clean and replace them weekly. No matter which mat type you choose, the benefits are many. The only question you have to ask is: Which mat is right for your business?