Aussies know what they want, and what they want are staff uniforms that are as comfortable to wear as they are stylish. It doesn’t matter what line of work you are in – accommodation, manufacturing, automotive, to name just a few – comfortable, stylish uniform rentals are in demand. Qantas did not kick off the trend when it hired Martin Grant to redesign uniforms worn by its in-flight crew, but the demand for staff uniforms, Australian style, remains popular today.  

Great looking, comfortable staff uniforms are now available to all, not just the most prominent parts of the team. Engineers, office workers, food prep crew, laundry service team – no matter your line of business, everyone can benefit from well thought-out uniform rentals.

Alsco Uniform Rentals

Designed to behave according to the job requirements, Alsco’s uniforms, like technically designed flex work pants, classic chef jackets, and aprons, are comfortable. Alsco’s uniforms are designed to keep staff comfortable and protected throughout their shift.

Workwear for Where you Work

Staff uniforms for workers in both indoor and outdoor environments, or workplaces where temperatures vary from hot and humid to cold and dry, may benefit from uniforms made from the variety of materials Alsco offers in its uniform range. Like the flex work pants mentioned above, using a special weave pattern, these trousers combine the comfort and breathability of cotton with extra benefits, like stretch for ease of movement.

Uniform Cleaning and Maintenance

For happy staff and a professional look, work uniforms and workwear should provide style, comfort, durability and safety. Once you have selected the right uniform for your workplace, count on our managed rental uniform services to collect, wash, dry, press and deliver fresh, clean uniforms on a schedule that suits your business.

So, Australia, we want to know: what do you think about staff uniforms? We’re listening. Want to learn more about our managed rental uniform programs? We’re here to help.