Starting a business is a daunting task: Data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) revealed that about 48% of all new Australian business start-ups fail within the first four years. Only 23% last a year or less. Though there are many factors which account for a business’s success — quality of goods, market competition, service levels, and location, for example — colour can be an important consideration for a brand’s success. In an age when we are more attuned than ever to visual cues (thanks, social media!), we ask: have you thought about the colour of the mats used in your business?

You don’t need to know much about colour psychology – the study of colour in relation to human behaviour – to understand how colour plays a role in a guest’s decision about your place of business, but it’s helpful to know that colour influences feelings and emotions. (Check out the graphic above for a quick study in colour and the feelings each evokes.) Our most iconic product is the Alsco tea towel. It’s colours? White with green stripes. With these colours, the humble towel exudes a quiet confidence. Durable and reliable, it represents the Alsco brand and its commitment to quality and professionalism.

Like the Star trek crew, whose uniforms represent their role on the bridge (Kirk and Sulu always wore the gold shirt of the Command division, Spock and McCoy wore blue as science/medical, etc.), our towels are colour-coded for teams to distinguish which towels can be used for which task. A small thing, perhaps, but it can limit cross-contamination.

Colour, however, extends to all parts of your business. Whether back of the house anti fatigue mats and tea towels or front of the house non slip mats and aprons, colour is noticed and noticeable.

Anti fatigue Mats

It is a delicate balancing act. Subtle yet highly effective techniques in using colour deliver messages to denizens of social media and the types of guests a restaurant wants to attract. Blue, for example, is said to be relaxing, promoting a sense of calm in diners, much like the feeling one gets when near the ocean. Brown is thought to convey a down-to-earth message and a strong sense of security. Green signals abundance and health.

Keep in mind that people perceive colour differently, varying greatly from one individual to the next. For an example of this, think back to The Dress, the social media sensation of the moment a few years back that had everyone wondering about colour perception. Turns out the source of light and other factors are important in an individual’s perception of colour. While science doesn’t totally understand this human-to-human perception variation, thinking about colour and how it impacts a guest’s purchase decision is a good baseline to start from.

Consider anti fatigue (or anti-fatigue) mats. Functional and supportive, these mats are tasked with supporting the feet, legs and backs of staff who stand for long periods. In the typically hidden locations (inside kitchens and the like), basic anti fatigue mats, like our cushy Evolution Anti-fatigue Mat, come in grey and black, the better to not see the stains but to add support for the humans standing on concrete or tile floors. Anti fatigue mats’ built-in ability to reduce foot and back pain, last a long time and hide stains, are their most important role. Other, more prominently displayed mats, should tell a different, on-brand story. 

Cute Non Slip Mats

In the front of the house, personalised mats are designed to look great and limit wear and tear while reducing the risk of slips and trips in transitional spaces. Alsco makes non slip mats in a range of high definition colours so your logo or other messaging can look exactly the way it should. Custom sizes? Not a problem. We will work with you to meet your size and design requirements. With a choice of backing for hard or carpeted surfaces, personalised mats are a preferred floor care solution for Australian businesses of all types and sizes.

Personalised mats are an included part of Alsco’s managed service, too – we’ll pick up, clean and replace them on your schedule. Anti fatigue for BOH or cute, non slip mats for FOH – what mat types are right for your business?