Food service wipes are the unsung hero of restaurant kitchens. There when you need them, they take care of myriad tasks without complaint and help limit cross contamination. Alsco’s food service wipes, while not as iconic as the Alsco tea towel, are as durable and reliable as our tea towels.

The rectangular towels, sometimes called dish towels or kitchen towels, mop up spills, add sparkle to glassware, step in as oven mitts and more. Most kitchens prefer a few different towel styles to optimise cleanliness and staff efficiency. And with Alsco’s Managed Rental Service program delivered on your schedule, you will have as many food wipes as you need for the weekend rush.

Do you need a range of food wipes? We have a range of food wipes for kitchens:

1. Alsco Cotton Utility Food Wipes

At 43×50 cm, this food service wipe is extremely popular for its absorbency power and fine, 100% cotton weave. It’s available in classic white with the green Alsco stripe.

2. Alsco Microfibre Wipe

At 45×35 cm, this is a slightly smaller towel than the Utility Food Wipe, right-sized for buffing a stack of silverware or wiping hot milk off a steam wand. Without fussing too much about different types of microfibre (and there are a lot), know that Alsco’s microfibre wipes are an ideal blend for all-purpose cleaning. It has a textured weave like a bar mop towel and is as sturdy and tough as any towel around without the scratchiness or lint of traditional bar mop towels.

3. Alsco Glass Cloths

At 50×70 cm, these food wipes are designed to be used with glassware. They are larger than the Alsco Cotton Utility Wipe and are woven of a finer 100% cotton than the Utility Wipe. The soft weave is preferred by most professional kitchens with front of house or catering operations.

4. Alsco Cotton Herringbone Wiper

The traditional weave on this food wipe is sought after for tough cleaning jobs.

Unsure? Let us help.

Limit Cross Contamination, Food Service!

Food service wipes can also play a role in limiting the cross contamination of food.  Do you already use separate cutting boards for different types of foods? Good! The same idea of keeping things separate applies to food wipes. Keep ‘em separate! Alsco’s food wipes are colour-coded so your team can use red stripe towels for drying greens, blue for drying tableware and red for wiping off counters and other surfaces. Assigning a specific colour of wipe to a specific task helps the team limit the spread of germs.

Support Sustainability

Food safety drives waste in Australian hospitality. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Choose products, like Alsco’s food wipes, that get the job done right without waste. The strength of our food wipes is an important component in their sustainability. Because Alsco’s food wipes are so durable, they last for many, many washes, helping to keep waste out of landfills. And when they finally reach the end of their life, we’ll send them to BlockTexx, our national partner for textile recycling. Through our partnership with BlockTexx, the textiles that are part of your  Managed Rental Service program are given a life after their time at Alsco. Nothing gets thrown away. That’s a win for your business and for the environment.